Sunday 14 February 2016

How To Organise Your Blog

How To Organise Your Blog organisation tips advice productive

Now I know what you are thinking another organisation post! " Doesn't this girl  get sick of organisation by now" well the truth is I love organisation and there is just so many things you can organise in the world and I have so much advice/ tips I can offer! Then why wouldn't I! ( I am too kind like that) So I have done general organisation posts, blog organisation posts so what an earth am I going to talk about in this post that could be any different from the other post! Well, my friends, you would be surprised! Today, I am going to be discussing some of those important things that go alongside your blog that you might just forget to organise!

Okay, one of the biggest parts of being a blogger is taking the photos! Whether you have a big fancy DSLR or you use your iPhone,  you're going to have least a couple of photos to take for each post! That's all great but where do you put them when you have taken them?  How do you store them? How do you not lose them? I think looking at some bloggers computers for any organisation freak like myself would be a nightmare! When I finish taking my photos, I pop the sd card into the computer and then take all the pictures off and put them into my blog photography folder! After this, I will select the photos I want and edit them and then rename them. Within the blog photography folder, I have lots of other folders ( surprise surprise) named after all the different topics I cover on my blog, I will then proceed to put those photos in the relevant folder.  At this point, I should delete the other photos but I have a problem- I am a hoarder of photographs!

Okay so I know not all bloggers do this but when discussing with other bloggers in twitter chats, what they do with all their lists and ideas there is often a mixed response with lots of them not doing anything to keep them lists organised. I used to be the worst for this so I don't blame anyone! If you have lots of gadgets you will often find yourself making notes of blog post ideas when they come into your mind and quickly jotting them down but forgetting them because of the little organisation implemented! What I like to do is to go through my phone/ iPod / tablet etc. At the end of the week and write them all neatly in a lovely notebook from paperchase! Once that post has been published I will cross it out very neatly. My notebook isn't divided up it's just one big old list! If notebooks aren't your thing than keeping one big list on the note section of your phone works equally as well.

How To Organise Your Blog organisation advice tips help bloggers lifestyle

There is two types of people in the world,  those who live by to do lists and those who just don't get it! No prizes for guessing what category I fall under! I love my desk to do pad, again from paperchase! I highly recommend all bloggers getting one of these! I use this mainly for the holidays and at weekend's. At the start of the day I simply right down what I need to get done and list it accordingly. By having a pad like this, it helps organise your thoughts and helps cut back on the 200 unfinished lists you have in the note section of your phone.

I am fully aware that not all bloggers have a large range of tech and equipment and nor do I think it is a needed requirement to be a blogger but if you do it is important that you look after it and keep it nice and organised.  I tend to organise a quick clean of my camera before and after every session ( let's face it it doesn't always happen) and a deep clean before going on location. I keep all my filters and lenses in my photography rucksack ( yes that is a real thing) so I know exactly where they are before starting a shoot. It's also incredibly important to keep a record of battery life etc. Because there is nothing worse than setting up for a shoot and having a dead battery.

Some bloggers love their email inboxes and others dread them. I don't mind sending emails but I do get annoyed and some of the really stupid spam ones I get! I like to organise two slots in the day to my emails, first thing in the morning and in the evening.  I try to avoid it throughout the day as it can be very distracting! In my inbox I have folders ( wow! No way! Really! ) for PR, Collabs and #SpeakUp so if I have an email I know exactly where to put it ( mostly spam haha) in order to keep it nice and clean!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this round up of tips and advice for you to be able to organise all those things that go alongside your blog that but can be so easy to forget!

How do you organise your blog? Do you use lists, notebooks, folders? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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