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Currently Loving W7 Naked basics eye shadow dupe palette review
One thing I will never be able to do is monthly favourites! I just don't lead an interesting enough life where I change my products every month or have the money to afford to buy lots of new things or go on lots of new days out! However, once in a while, I like to share with you what I have been loving! So I thought I would do that today! This instalment includes books, music and beauty! So sit back and enjoy....

#1 Letters- An anthology
I love always loved reading Tammy- Louise Wilkin's blog since I discovered it back last summer! We have chatted a lot over twitter since then and I even did a guest post once for her blog, which was really fun and enjoyable! However, when she told me that she was releasing a book, I was very excited but also super proud of her! Tammy has been through a lot so this a massive deal for her! I was very privileged when Tammy wanted to send me the digital copy of the new book. (Of course, I am not getting paid, to say any of these things! They are all my kind honest words) Okay, so I am not going to lie I am not the biggest reader ever and certainly not the biggest lover of poetry ever, but there is something about ' Letters' which separates it apart from the rest! No only is it so professional looking but it is also written so beautifully and articulately! 
The book is split up into four boxes and each one contains lots of poems. My favourite is box two, as they are all named after famous songs! You can clearly see how much time and effort she has put into this book. If you would like to find out more about it, you can contact Tammy on Twitter HERE.

#2 W7 Eyeshadow Palette
After realising that I was running dangerously low on my favourite eyeshadow palette by collection, I knew I had to pick another one up soon! So when I saw ' in the mood' by W7 I had to pick it up for many reasons! Number 1. It was on sale! Number 2. It's a dupe for the naked basics palette and Number 3. It was pretty much identical to the collection eyes uncovered one! It comes with six matte shadows, all in neutral colours! My favourite, of course, was the dark brown colour. These shadows are super creamy and easy to apply!  They also last nearly all day as well, which is brilliant!

#3 Oh my gloss Rimmel Lipgloss // MAC girl about town lipstick 
Ohhh....going all fancy here I have a new favourite lip combo! As you probably saw in my lipstick edit post which you can read HERE if you missed it, I discussed how to stop the lipstick being super dry on my lips I like to wear Lipgloss over the top! Girl about town, as you can see is a super bright pink so when I want to go for a very bold in your face lip choice, I apply Rimmel's oh my gloss Lipgloss Over the top! This really does make it pop!!! Which I appreciate isn't for everyone but it does make the lipstick last longer, which is always going to be a bonus for me!

Rimmel oh my gloss lip gloss review MAC girl about town

#4 Real technics Contour brush 
Now, I never thought I would see the day when I was reviewing a makeup brush because I just think they are the most boring thing ever, however, this Contour brush from the core collection kit by real techniques is becoming a Staple in my makeup routine. I use it primarily to apply blush as I seem to have no cheek bones what so ever to be able to apply highlight or bronzer despite how many guinea pig faces I pull. This brush is so soft and really does help a heavy handed fool like myself, apply their blush a lot better!

real Technics contour brush review cheap UK

#5 Sanctuary spa green tea & lemon shower gel 
My friend got me this as part of a set for my birthday, and yes I am only just getting around to using it and yes it was worth the wait! I don't know if you can buy this full size but it is such a gorgeous scent! Not only does it smell lovely but it foams up really well and is very soothing to the skin. This was definitely my favourite out of the set, so now I am trying to desperately use as little as possible to keep it going for as long as I can! It's that good!

sanctuary spa green tea leave shower gel review

#6 Coldplay's vinyl - A head full of dreams
I do love Coldplay! Not a massive fan but you know liked a couple of their tunes here and there, however, that was all to change when I saw their new album on Spotify. What draw me straight away to the album was the artwork on the cover! It's just so beautifully done and the colours are beyond perfection! Of course, the music is amazing as well! I don't think I could pick a favourite from the record as I love them all too much!  I never expected I would ever own the vinyl as it is just perfection and also quite expensive but when my mother surprised me with it on Christmas day, I was delighted! I honestly couldn't recommend this album enough! 

#7 Artic Monkeys vinyl- AM
Another vinyl that I got for Christmas, which I have been loving recently is AM by Artic Monkeys! Although not a new one, its one that I have been after for ages! I love the artic monkeys and have two of their other albums! I wouldn't say this one is my favourite but it is definitely one I am happy to add to my collection. My favourite songs are Arabella and one for the road.

Coldplay head full of dreams AM vinyl music

#8 Vivianna Does Makeup 
For some reason, I never got into vivianna's videos earlier! I don't know why because I am now hooked! I think it was her first capsule wardrobe video that got officially subscribed! It was so beautifully edited and her style is just impeccable. I love her simplistic and minimalistic design and editing style which I love the most! I love her lifestyle videos the most including her weekday morning routine and organisation tips but I, of course, love her beauty videos too!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this roundup of things I love been loving at the moment! Do let me know what you have been loving in the comments below! Is it any of the things that I mentioned here!?

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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