Friday 12 February 2016

6 Ways To Make The Commute More Bearable

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No prizes, to the person who can guess where I was when I came up with this blog post idea! No, but seriously the Commute can be such a drag! Something that I don't think anyone really likes. I don't want to offend any hard-core commuters out there who take six trains, two taxies and a boat to work but I have to get two buses,  which makes me a commuter! Well, I think so anyway! What I have learnt from commuting is that it isn't fun! So today, I thought I would share with you a quick round up of some basic tips and advice that I use to make the whole experience a little bit more bearable even if it is only 6:30 am *Groan*

Okay, this is probably pretty obvious and you probably all  predicted it but seriously listening to some good old tunes to elevate that mood can really help! Obviously listening to really sad depressing tunes is probably going to have the adverse affect but you know listening to a happy playlist, those jolly tunes that make you smile, might just do the trick! If you are anything like you then you will love a good playlist! Make yourself a commute playlist which you can listen to every morning! Change it up regularly so you don't get bored! Spotify have some fantastic ones too!  I love acoustic commute!

Again, pretty standard but true! I always find that when I am writing a blog post or thinking up some new blog post ideas the journey always goes quicker and therefore, the day seems to go quicker! Don't get me wrong sometimes I love some switch off time where I just focus on staring into thin air! But after a while, I run out of things to pounder about so find myself more inclined to start drafting up some posts! I mean if you are not a blogger I am sure there is a ton of things you can do! Like read blog posts or watch videos! Anything to keep the mind togging and the minutes passing!

There are so many apps out there these days that can help keep you calm and reduce anxiety when in stressful situations! I, like many find public transport a pretty anxious experience. I like being at the bus stop a certain amount of time before it arrives and I like to go sit in the same seat each time. Call me weird, but these things definitely help me reduce my anxiety and help make the whole experience more bearable! I highly recommend installing one of these apps and checking out some of the tranquil and soothing music they have to offer, if commuting often sends those anxiety levels upwards!

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I mean, I think we have all been on that bus/ train journey from hell. That screaming mother with 10 kids, the people with the greasy hot food, that couple arguing and not to mention the fact that there isn't enough room to swing a cat! Even if you don't want to listen to music just investing in a good pair of headphones so you can block all that unwanted sound out can do the trick! Honestly, who's got time to argue! I have had a long day! I just want some peace and quiet!

When I say play games, I don't mean wacking out a great big old board game but apps on your phone or tablet! Surprising when you are stuck in traffic or what seems to be a never-ending commute, you will do anything to pass the time! Funny enough that involves playing ridiculous and pointless games too! Crossy road, candy crush, flappy bird I don't know what's current at the moment but I did start playing the new Miranda sings game recently but couldn't get passed level five or something like that! Same goes for reading a book! I could never do it but I see so many others ingrossed within their fiction maybe it could help you pass the time!

This really is an if all else fails idea but I have seriously done this! Where I like to sit on the bus there is this map of all the buses that go in and out of the town centre! Now there's about 20 or so with a good 40/50 locations and I love to sit them memorising them all and all the colours! Call me sad but it passes the time! And I have no shame in admitting it!

And there we have six simple and easy ways to help make the commute more bearable! Obviously this only really applies to people who  use public transport! I mean if you get the car I don't really know what advice I would give!

Do you commute on a daily basis? What do you use to make it more bearable? Do you use any of these techniques? What have I missed of my list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x
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