Sunday 27 March 2016

15 Pieces Of Crap All Women Carry In Their Handbags

I personally think I am quite good with my handbag tidiness! Partly because I use the smallest bags in existence which you can't fit half of the stuff you actually want to carry in it- let alone any of this other stuff! However, I have been known to carry a lot of this junk around before in my bag and I know a lot of other ladies that do the same! 

Come on now girlies, there is no need to be embarrassed! 

1. Silica bags- because ain't nobody got time to take that thing out

2. 10 lip products- A girl needs her choices. Some days it will be a red lipstick day others will be more of a coral! Get with the programme 

3. Receipts- which 9/10 times will be for your weekly fix of strawberry laces, cheese and onion crisps and diet coke! 

4. Out of date No7 boots vouchers- got to get that monthly fix of No7 boots vouchers that I will never use! Thanks, boots! 

5. Ketchup sashes- from your leftover KFC! Conniving yourself you will take them home and use them while actually what happens is they explore in your bag and look like you have murdered someone! The story of my life!

6. Pen lids- and no actual pens! How useful 

7. One of those glasses cleaner cloths- which has lingered in the bottom your bag for so long, the cleaner needs cleaning 

8. £1.20 in copper- because you are totally going to rock up to * insert shop of choice here* and pay for said items with 1ps 

9. A used crumpled up tissue- because I am a lovely human being 

10. A loose chewing gum/mint - that is probably stuck to something! Ew gross!

11. Hair- just hair everywhere 

12. A really cheap comb- which always removes more hair than actually removing the knots

13. Bobby pins- because " now where were those Bobby pins again" 

14. Random keys- " what was this key for again" 

15. Important documents- which lets face it is probably just some menu for your local pizza place 

And people wonder why women have a constantly bad back! Clean out your bags ladies! 

Do you carry any of these things in your bag?! Anything else I missed off the list?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading, as always x 

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