Friday 11 March 2016

17 Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand

17  Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand  Buzzfeed lifestyle blogger UK relatable

If you didn't know, fun fact I wear glasses! I am a speccy four eyes! A mini Harry Potter in the waiting. Okay, maybe not but you catch my drift. I wear glasses and just like everything else in this bloody world- it causes problems.

TOO MANY PROBLEMS!!! I actually love wearing glasses and I think they make me look a lot older and very sophisticated ( yeah I wish...) anyway, here are 17 problems that only people who wear glasses understand! ENJOY!

1. Having to deploy the mini windscreen wipers when it starts to rain

2. The never ending struggle of going in a warm room when it's cold outside.  Fog! Fog everywhere

3. Having to deal with the constant " can I wear them"

4. Followed by " wow you really are blind"

5. Having to clean them every second of every day because they are constantly covered in finger marks

6. Awkwardly hitting your face because you don't know if you have them on or not

7. That awkward dent in your nose after they have been worn for too long

8.loosing them... just loosing them.

9. Being completely blind without them

10. While cleaning them... you get more finger marks on them... oh the struggle

11. Not ever having the cleaning apparatus to do a proper job.

12. Buying a pair of glasses..and then a month later your face has grown and you look stupid.

13. The constant battle of getting them entangled in your hair.

14. Wearing them with makeup and getting them covered

15. Trying to watch a 3D film! Talk about inclusivity

16. Trying to have a conversation facing someone in front of a window on a bright sunny day

17. Not being able to enjoy a rollercoaster because you are practically blind.

Please tell me that you fellow glasses wearers can relate! And for you non-glasses wears, well you wait, one day when you are 60 you will be moaning about all these problems! Okay, maybe not number 15, we probably have 10D films by then!


Do you wear glasses? Do you experience any of these issues? Something I missed off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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