Thursday 31 March 2016

26 Things Non-Drinkers Are Sick Of Hearing

26 Things Non-Drinkers Are Sick Of Hearing lifestyle Buzzfeed lifestyle blogger lists UK

I don't drink alcohol! I never have and never will! I know, it's crazy! Who does this girl think she is? She must be missing out on all the fun? Oh, its okay she's probably got a reason or something! Who would ever be crazy enough to not want to drink alcohol, or to experience what death feels like every Sunday morning! 

Me! That's who! I am ' crazy enough' to not want to drink and no I don't have a health or medical reason! It was a lifestyle choice that I made, probably when I was around 13 and so far I have stuck to it and I  will continue to do so into the future!

No! No, I am not judging you and No, I don't think any less of you because you drink alcohol! You chose to drink and I chose not! Just like I chose one brand of shampoo and you chose another. Don't let anyone ever tell you, there is something wrong with you for not drinking alcohol whether that be for a night or a long-term lifestyle choice!


1. So it's for health reasons yeah?

2. No!? It's for religious reasons then?

3. Don't be so boring!  

4. One drink doesn't hurt!

5. Oh so you are afraid the real you will come out

6. Come on...

7. So you don't drink because you don't like the taste? No one really drinks it for the taste!

8. Ohh I get it!!! You're pregnant!!!! 

9. Do you not get out much then? I mean if you don't drink why would you go to parties? 

10. You must be so boring to be around! The life and soul of the party I bet! 

11. You need to start living your life!!!  

12. I bet I can get your drunk! I can convert you!!! 

13. Sorry, I would have invited you to that party but you know you don't drink....we don't want you getting bored! 

14. Oh, so you think you are better than me?! 

15. Can I have all that spare money you must have?! I mean if you don't spend it on alcohol what on earth do you spend it on?

16. Omg you must hate me now! Am I really annoying drunk?!

17. That's so weird!!!! You are so weird!!! 

18. Do you actually do anything at parties? I mean is drinking the whole point! 

19. I bet you are so different drunk! 

20. No way, I bet you are not sober! You won't stay sober the whole night! 

21. Ohh you are doing it for charity! I will donate!! 
22. So what do you actually drink? Doesn't water get a bit boring?

23. You must be such a buzz kill

24. I would hate to go out with you on a night out! 

25. Oh, so you are the designated driver... I get it! 

26. Don't judge me!

As you can tell, I am quite passionate about the subject! I mean I can't be the only under 20's person ever that chooses not to drink out of their own free will? surely?

Have you ever heard any of these things being said to you? Or have you ever said any of them to someone else? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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