Friday, 25 March 2016

25 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

I shared with you a while back, 25 blog background ideas for when you want to up your photography game on a budget! You can check it out HERE if you missed it! As well as the exponential rise in marble backgrounds came the rise in fancy blog props! Admittedly, if done wrong they can make your photos look to busy and a bit over the top however, if done right they can make them look professional and sophisticated! But what on earth do I use?! I hear you cry! Well here we are, 25 blog prop suggestions for your photos, to tantalise those tastebuds!

1. Fake flowers 
2. Fancy lipsticks
3. Books
4. Makeup brushes 
5. Lens caps
6. Plants
7. SD Cards

8. Lenses
9. Headphones
10. Planners and journals 
11. The edge of scarfs or anything for that matter

12. Watches
13. Pens/ sharpies 
14. The edge of laptop/ Mac book
15. Candles
16. Postcards 
17. Notebooks

18. Glasses
19. iPhone
20. Aesthetically pleasing makeup
21. Cute pets ( preferably yours)
22. Magazines
23. Perfume
24. Jewellery 
25. Keyboard  

And there we have it! 25 blog prop ideas! So with your 25 blog background ideas, you should be all ready to go! Let me know if there is anymore photography style posts you would want to see in the comments below! 

Do you use props in your blog photos?! Anything that is not on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank for your reading, as always x 


  1. These tips are so useful, I always struggle knowing what little bits and bobs to add to photos so this post has helped no end!

    Emily x |

  2. Great prop ideas Nicole! I love using props in my photos, it can really bring that little bit extra to whatever it is you may be photographing and create a theme that reflects your post well. Thanks for sharing these ideas xx

    Lauren |

  3. These are some great ideas! I love using candles, flowers and motivational quotes! I really want to start using a wider range of things though

    Steph -

  4. These ideas were great! I always think a fancy lipstick or two can majorly improve a photo! x


  5. Great post xx sometimes it is hard to decide on what to put in photos. This will definitely help a lot of people xx
    Lauren //

  6. I love this! I am so bad when it comes to using props for my blog pictures. I normally just have a huge vintage class jar in the background but I would love to be more creative with it.

  7. Great post hun, some amazing tips here

    CharlotteSamantha //

  8. This is a great post! It is going to be so useful :)
    Paula |

  9. Can you do a post on how to take photos for a lookbook/ootd? that would be so helpful xx

    1. ohh, I would but I really don't have much advice as i rarely do it. I will try in the summer when i have more time x

  10. So helpful - thank you! :D xx

  11. Great post! I love using pretty makeup, rings and magazines for Background. X

  12. I love how down-to-earth all of these posts are! They're so useful, and would definitely help other bloggers in our community! I've used some of these props in my recent photos after reading this, and, let me tel you, I think they turned out great! Wanna collab sometime?:)xx

    Check out my recent?

    1. aww, thats great! I will check it out! If you want to collab in the summer, I will doing a collab post everyday. x

  13. Excellent prop ideas! Love the ideas of lenses and lens caps, never thought of that!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

  14. This is super helpful! I find it so difficult to make my pictures look interesting with props without looking like I've just shoved millions of random things in! :) Awesome post! xxx

  15. Ooh this was actually a really helpful post, i'm always looking for pretty props. Thanks!

    - Cydney

  16. I am always look for props so this post will definitely help me!

  17. oooo I'm definitely going to have to use some of these ideas. I also like to use craft pieces like gems etc, I feel they fill in spaces in the photo that nothing else will fit in ahha xx


  18. Great list! I feel like I need to change up some of my blog photo props - I always seem to go for the same thing! I like adding a scarf or a blanket to add a different texture to my photos too :)

    Hannah xx | Recent post: Easy calligraphy hack

  19. Aesthetically pleasing makeup and lipsticks are my fave! They just look so pretty!! Also love any kinds of fabrics they just work so well, I imagine non bloggers just like 'what are they going on about' Ahhaha Xx

    1. Fabrics are my faves! Sometimes I have bought things just for blog photos, how sad is that? They must think we are mad. xx

  20. Love these tips! I quite often use clothes in cute materials too!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  21. This is so so so useful! I have been trying to find good blog props in shops but I actually have loads of these things lying around at home that I'll definitely start using! Thanks for the inspiration, Nicole 💕

    Abbey ✨


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