Friday 25 March 2016

25 Blog Photo Prop Ideas

I shared with you a while back, 25 blog background ideas for when you want to up your photography game on a budget! You can check it out HERE if you missed it! As well as the exponential rise in marble backgrounds came the rise in fancy blog props! Admittedly, if done wrong they can make your photos look to busy and a bit over the top however, if done right they can make them look professional and sophisticated! But what on earth do I use?! I hear you cry! Well here we are, 25 blog prop suggestions for your photos, to tantalise those tastebuds!

1. Fake flowers 
2. Fancy lipsticks
3. Books
4. Makeup brushes 
5. Lens caps
6. Plants
7. SD Cards

8. Lenses
9. Headphones
10. Planners and journals 
11. The edge of scarfs or anything for that matter

12. Watches
13. Pens/ sharpies 
14. The edge of laptop/ Mac book
15. Candles
16. Postcards 
17. Notebooks

18. Glasses
19. iPhone
20. Aesthetically pleasing makeup
21. Cute pets ( preferably yours)
22. Magazines
23. Perfume
24. Jewellery 
25. Keyboard  

And there we have it! 25 blog prop ideas! So with your 25 blog background ideas, you should be all ready to go! Let me know if there is anymore photography style posts you would want to see in the comments below! 

Do you use props in your blog photos?! Anything that is not on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank for your reading, as always x 
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