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10 Embarrassing Photos From My Childhood

10 Embarrassing Photos From My Childhood  memories buzzfeed lists blogger UK

Why I thought this post would ever be a good idea, I have no clue! I was looking back through lots of old photos the other day and I came across this folder entitled 'MOI' which if you ask me just spells trouble! Inside it was filled with lots of photos that should have been deleted years ago! However, instead of disregarding these gems from the past, I thought I would share some of them with you instead!

We all make mistakes. (In the case of some people aka. myself, a lot of mistakes) But this is okay, it's all part of growing up. If we never made mistakes how would we ever learn? We wouldn't, simple as that! I think lots of people have misconceptions about bloggers, leading perfect lives with their sophisticated flatlays and not a hair out of place. This isn't always the case! In fact, for most bloggers, including myself, we have grown up leading normal lives, making normal pre-teen mistakes, writing from the comfortable of our usually messy, poster filled bedrooms as we go along. 

So to celebrate making mistakes as a pre-teen, I am going to take you on a journey with me of badly cut hair, spotty skin, bad fashion choices and awkward poses in 10 embarrassing photos from my childhood! Enjoy!

#1 The let's stand in front of some posters and take some pictures photo
Seriously Nicole? What was going through your head when you took this photo? You thought ' I know what will make a great photo! If I stand in front of my door with some Little Mix Posters and take a really awkward selfie' I was probably around 11/ 12  years old here (I don't dare say I was older! haha) I went through an obsession, like most teenage girls do, of sticking posters from magazines to any wall space they can find in their bedroom and pretending you were such a fan! For the record, I don't actually really like Little Mix anymore. Also, that hair! That hair, though! 

#2 The let's write a really meaningful quote across my face while in my pyjamas photo
You may be thinking, aw Nicole at least you have always been a Harry Potter fan and you have chosen a really good quote! Well actually, I only really got into Harry Potter last year, so when this photo was taken and edited, I had no idea it was from Harry Potter. I probably just found it on Tumblr or something and thought it sounded deep- I am sorry Dumbledore and hardcore HP fans! You may also be wondering about what on earth I am wearing, well yes, that is a Pyjama top and yes I probably was bored one evening and took this photo and then proceeded to edit it on my LG cookie snap whatever phone! oh, the life of a 12-year-old!

#3 The let's point to my obnoxiously loud American flag leggings because it's not like people haven't noticed them already or anything?
I am really ashamed to admit that I ever owned these leggings and yes I did wear them out of the house! In fact, I wore them a lot, so much so that they became very worn! Why I thought it would be a great idea to take a photo of myself pointing to them and then edit the text 'YOLO' and ' Be yourself' on there was a good idea, like the leggings weren't cringey enough apparently! Also with that top? Like what? You can tell at this stage in my life I really didn't care about what other people thought of me and didn't really have a clue about fashion (I still don't) I mean if that haircut is anything to go by, I am sure you would agree!

#4 The I have no idea what fashion is or what a hair brush is photo
Okay, I am actually slightly younger when this photo was taken, probably in year six, so you can kind of let me off the hook! But seriously, though what on earth is that hair? I mean I know I can't get rid of the tragic cut but you could have at least put a comb through it, Nicole, that would be a great start! This photo was also taken during a stage of my life when I was happy to wear tracksuits all day long. But oh no, not just grey/black tracksuits- PINK TRACKSUITS! Seriously? I swear my mum bought these for a PGL trip and I just carried on wearing them when I got home? Side note; check me out playing my DS and Guitar Hero- who remembers Guitar Hero? Such a classic game!  

#5 The just why photo??????
I really don't have any words for this photo! I look like a hot, sticky, sweaty mess! I took this photo at the most awkward angle as well. I swear this was before selfies were even like a big thing or just starting to become popular. For some reason, as a pre-teen I felt the need to edit every photo, but you could tell that I had run out of inspirational quotes, so I just wrote 'Smile: It's ur best feature' I mean I can't even spell properly, which is a great start but to add to this, the irony is I am not even smiling in this photo?!?! WELL DONE NICOLE! Seriously well done! Also, who can spot that awful Pyjama top again?

#6 The first of many, let's hold up a book and take a picture photo
Apparently, this is something I noticed I did a lot when I was going back through all my old photos! It's obviously a hot day and I am out in the garden, I am probably bored and as I didn't have a super amazing iPhone when I was a kid, so we made our own entertainment! I am very aware I sound so old! Why I decided to take this photo, however, baffles me! Also, do you like my really fit England baseball cap? I always had a great sense of fashion don't you think? Please, can we ignore the fact, I also have curtains in this photo, my fringe will always hate me! 

#7 The I've raided Claire's accessories photo
I went through a massive stage when I was like in year eight of wearing a tonne of bracelets and necklaces. I think I have eight pieces of jewellery on in this photo, a bit excessive don't you think? Do you remember Jesus bracelets being a such a cool thing, everyone needed to have one? Please tell me you do! As you can see I am sporting a couple in this photo, looking fine may I add! What makes me laugh about this photo is my pose! What's the problem Nicole? Why are we making funny hand gestures with our arms Nicole? Why have you got so many questions, Nicole? HA! At least my hair looks like I have actually put a brush through it this time and can I just add, my skin is looking great in this photo, especially as I am not wearing makeup or anything! 

#8 The I'm so cool, I probably put this on Facebook because I thought it was so funny photo
In fact, it's not funny at all Nicole, it's just CRINGE! I don't know who thought this photo would be a good idea, I look gross plus I also think those glasses aren't even sunglasses, they are glasses you get when you see a 3D film at the cinema! Wow, Nicole! Also, look at the state of my room! That honestly makes me feel sick looking at it because I could never have my floor looking like today, I would go mad! At least, I have my Jacqueline Wilson poster up on my wall- I was madly obsessed with anything Jacqueline Wilson so it doesn't surprise me I had a huge poster on my wall! 

#9 Another let's take a photo of me holding a book, but this time in bed photo
Why? Why? Why? I also know for a fact, I never finished this book! These classics really bored me so I gave up after a few chapters! At least, I got to make full use of my bookmark I picked up at the National art gallery! Which probably cost me like £4 or something ridiculous like that! WOOO! I'm actually in bed in my nightdress, I just find this so strange I thought it would be a great time to take a photo! Like who on earth would think it would be a great time to take a photo? Apparently me! 

#10 The let's pretend to have seen something scary and take a picture when in actual fact I just look like an idiot photo!
Me and my best friend, in year seven, used to go out on trips in the afternoons at the weekend to the woods and parks near my house and basically act like fools for the whole thing, taking photos and videos of us doing dumb stuff. This is just one of many photos of myself, looking like a complete dingbat! Why oh why I thought this would make a great photo, I have no idea but I took it anyway! Sporting a hoodie, as per usual Nicole- well done! I was probably wearing something really tragic on my bottom half as well, thinking that I was really cool!

Now I want to dig myself a hole, bury myself in it and never come out ever again! 

Jokes aside, this was actually a really fun post to write. Despite it being super cringey and embarrassing and now you have all seen how tragic my hair and fashion sense was when I was a pre-teen, looking back at my old photos has helped me realise how happy and carefree I was when I was younger, something I wish I could be now.

Would you ever share embarrassing photos from your childhood? What fashion/ style mistakes did you make when you were younger? Please reassure me in the comments below, it's not just me who has made all these tragic mistakes!

Thanks for reading, as always x 
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