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21 Things 'Today's Kids' Are Missing Out On

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I was born in 1998. Now I don't really class myself as a 90's kid as I don't really remember anything from the decade. However, growing up in the early to mid-noughties, there is still some very distinct differences between children then and children now. 

You know I love my nostalgic blog posts. You can check out some of the ones I have done in the past here: 30 things you will understand if you went to a British secondary school, 18 things kids from the noughties will remember and 34 toys we all had as kids. To add to this list, I thought I would share with you 21 things 'today's kids' missed out on when they grew up.

Although growing up in a more digitally reformed and enhanced world for children, definitely has its benefits. Sometimes I still feel sorry for these kids. They have missed out on some pure treasures of life. Things that have been forgotten and left behind. Things these kids will never get to experience. I loved growing up in the time that I did, as I have got to experience the best of both worlds. Not given an iPhone from the age of three but at the same time, not left in the dark when it comes to the digital age while technology improves at an exponential rate.

Anyway, I am rambling... I hope you enjoy!

1. Listening to the unbearable sound of the computer when it dialed up to the Internet. Which also took, what felt like three days to work and most of the time crashed half way through anyway 

2. Experiencing your first ever loss, when your Tamagotchi pet died

3. Having to save up your pocket money for a DS game. Buying it. Playing it on repeat until either you couldn't get passed level three or you completed all the levels 

4. Going on really dodgy game sites playing naff dress up model games or restaurant dash style games 

5. Let's not forget Stardoll, club penguin and Moshi monsters. RIP

6. Only having one computer in the house which was used mainly for cheap computer games. If you ever needed to research something you went to the library and got a book. I know... A book! 

7. MSN. In all of its glory! 

8. When you would come from school and watched whatever was on TV. Not what you recorded last week or what's on catch up 

9. Having to decide what 'Word art' font you wanted for your homework on Word. Oh, the decisions!

10. Being able to borrow audiobooks from the library which you would take on holiday and listen to in your portable CD player during the journey. Who else read/listened to the cat mummy by Jacqueline Wilson? CRINGE!

11. Being able to get lost for hours on end- messing around on paint,  minesweeper or solitaire  

12. Being able to actually go around to a friends house, knocking on their door house to see if they would come out rather than just texting them first 

13. Having your first phone look like this... This was high tech stuff kids, back in the day!

21 Things 'Today's Kids' Are Missing Out On lists blogger UK lifestyle Buzzfeed

14. Watching Disney movies on VHS! 

15. A treat was considered going to the Mccolls and buying a pack of stickers for your sticker book. Most of which you probably already had. The rest you tried flogging at car boots. If you ever completed one of these books (I did) you remember the shear joy of sending off for the big sticker to go in the back.

16. Living in a time where 'Google it' wasn't the answer to everything. When there was no social media, no snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. Oh, how the world was so different!

17. Getting really excited for the fortnightly girl talk magazine. Let's not forget the crappy gifts, you thought were the bees knees! I swear kids these days don't even know what magazines are?

18. If you ever wanted a photo... You physically had to go into boots and print it out. You couldn't just store them on your phones.

21 Things 'Today's Kids' Are Missing Out On Pintrest Buzzfeed lifestyle blogger

19. Actually reading books that were made out of real paper. With the real smell of books... OMG, that smell! 

20. Going to the library or blockbuster and borrowing a selection of films for an epic movie night, not just watching whatever is on sky movies 

21. When you actually had to use your imagination to play games, come up with ideas and learn new things because there wasn't an app for it! 

And there we have 21 things 'today's kids' are missing out on! I am fully aware I sound so old now. I also bet that anyone older than me, reading this is thinking 'She thinks she's old? what about me?'

I am definitely sure there are so many other things that need to be added to this list! If you can think of anything else then please do let me know in the comments below! 

Do you think it's better to be a kid today or a kid in the past?! I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thank you for reading, as always X

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