Sunday 5 June 2016

Why I Wear Men's Clothing

Why I Wear Men's Clothing Tesco topshop tops blogger UK feminist feminism

Okay, first things first I had no intention of writing this post today. In fact, today's post was actually supposed to be about body shaming, which I will now have to reschedule for another day. I feel so angry passionate about this topic, which is why I must share my thoughts and feelings with you, in the hope that you will either understand, agree or have experienced something similar and it's not just me being an old washerwoman.

I am a feminist. You know that by now, especially if you have read my other two posts about feminism; 50 reasons why I am a feminist and 50 reasons why men should be feminists. Now although this issue doesn't directly relate to feminism,  I do feel like by being a feminist it has lead me to realise and recognise a substantial error within the clothing and fashion industry. Let me explain...
A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping into town. Now, shopping in town on a busy Saturday morning is hard enough for me at the best of times with my anxiety and phobias etc. However, this particular time I was getting increasingly frustrated about something else. The main aim of this shopping trip was to buy some shoes and t-shirts. Shoes- check! T-shirts- not so much!

I already had a lot of plain block colour t-shirts and pretty blouses, so I wasn't really after them. I want to step away from the monochrome wardrobe and inject some colour and fun within my summer outfits. I, therefore, thought it would be a great idea to add some graphic t-shirts into my wardrobe or ones with cute images, logos etc. I especially like the sport style tops with block colours on the sleeves and white/ black everywhere else.  

This is where my problem started. I, of course, went into the normal high street shops, you know the ones, Primark, Newlook, H&M etc.  only to be really disappointed (which is kind of an understatement) I am a woman if you didn't know already- SURPRISE! So I look in the women's section of the shop, nothing unusual. I have always done before and never had a problem.

However, this time, it was brought to my attention that every top had Disney, Despicable me or some naff quote on it. Which is absolutely fine, if you like that sort of thing, but for me, I don't know it just felt strange. That every top somewhere had pink, flowers, dream catchers, unicorns etc. on it. Or if it was a top that was gender neutral aka. from Topshop it's £22 like er no! Why don't shops like Primark, Newlook, H&M etc. sell mass-marketed tops of popular bands, TV shows or franchises for women and men without feeling the need to always add pink on to them or make the cut of them, uninclusive of everyone.

Why I Wear Men's Clothing Feminism rant lifestyle blogger UK NASA top pink Floyd t-shirt

This leads me on nicely to my next point! WHY IS EVERY TOP IN AT THE MOMENT A CROP TOP? Like seriously, it's 2016, don't shops realise that as soon as summer rolls around not every woman is physically able or willing to get their skin out but they still want tops with cute patterns, that are on trend and fashionable. 

Like yeah sure, I could buy a Lion King top that's pink or a pink top covered in flamingos, but these aren't 'cool' are they. What I wanted is that cacti crop top, you know the one H&M that's really cute, summery, not too girly but what do you insist on doing- making it into a crop top. So millions of other girls/ woman like me across the country can't buy it because they are not comfortable enough wearing one. 

I think that clothing shops, number one need to be more understanding of how they are marketing their clothes and what genders they are selling them to. Just because I am a girl it doesn't mean I want a girly top with butterflies and dreamcatchers or if you put a popular TV show/ band on a top why is pink or in a really odd cut. And when you do get the style. colour right why do you feel the need to put an odd word on it like 'carbs' yes 'carbs' H&m?! Like seriously, well done you have discovered one of the main food groups would you like a medal?

Why I Wear Men's Clothing feminism rant blogger UK

And number two, clothing shops need to be inclusive of everyone's body shape. I don't just mean making more plus sized clothes but making popular tops/ patterns into lots of different cuts so people who aren't brave enough to sport a crop top this summer, don't melt in the heat wearing jumpers because don't they have cute t-shirts to wear, just like everyone else. 725,000 people in the UK are affected by eating disorders, don't you think it's about time clothing giants realise the importance of how they market their clothing and respect the struggle young women and men face up and down the country.

And yes you may think, well find another t-shirt! Find somewhere that does one in full length! But how is that fair? Why should I have to make do with clothes that I don't want or find alternatives out of mass-market, because of an eating disorder that I didn't choose to have?

This is why I now buy men's t-shirts. They do cool graphic prints, that are suitable for the 'trendy' or fashionable young female, who doesn't want her tummy on show but also wants to wear a Star Wars t-shirt that isn't pink?!

Would you ever wear men's clothing? What do you think of the way fashion is targeted towards women and men? Do you think any changes need to be made? Let me know what you think, in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, as always x

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