Thursday 9 June 2016

Pinafores And Pinstripes | Outfit Snippet

Primark Topshop Boohoo fashion blogger pinafore dress

I have talked and shared with you guys my problems and struggles I face being a 'fashion blogger' before. Technically I am still a 'fashion blogger' but I do enjoy talking about a wide range of topics on my blog; mental health, feminism etc. and I would never stop this for the world- however where possible I want to start doing more fashion posts, especially when I go out and about on location.

Recently, I have been out on a couple of family day trips and I took some outfit snaps. They are actually just 'family photos' taken by my parents, so sorry if they don't look very professional! However, I have worked hard editing them to make them look fancy- so let me know if you think it looks cool or not!

I also have incorporated some of my photography from the day out, in the post (YAY) Enjoy!

What did I say about unprofessional photos, eh? I am also really bad at smiling in photos so I either look really silly or like I am about to go to a funeral- sorry about that!

Yes, I am wearing a cardigan in this photo and yes it was very hot but I have my reasons, so please don't judge! I love pinafore dresses because they are so comfy and easy to wear. I have quite a few actually so if you want to see a post more in-depth about how I style them, I could do that for you! I love wearing the colour blue in lots of outfits, as I think it's a really summer appropriate colour as well! 

bluebells blogger photography colour flowers

fashion flower purple depth of field

pink flower photography blogger UK lifestyle

purple flower summer bloggers UK lifestyle

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this brief outfit post! I actually had another post going up for today but I hated the photos and just couldn't put it up, but don't worry it will be going up very soon once I have taken some better photos!

Let me know what is your go-to summer outfit in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, as always x 

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