Thursday 16 July 2015

50 Quick Blogging Tips

I haven't done one of these ' Blogging tips' style posts in a while, so I thought I was due to write another one. Today I thought I would share with you, 50 quick blogging tips for everyone.

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Lets go!
1. Know your stuff
 I couldn't make a post about fishing ( LOL) if I have never tried it out myself.
2. Get involved with the community
Like, comment and share others posts so you make friends and feel part of a blogging community
3. Use social media
Twitter and Instagram are prime sites for promoting your blog and getting to know others, seriously if you don't have them, get them- you will thank me later
4. Join twitter chats
what are twitter chats, I hear you ask? well there is certain hashtags, like #bbloggers and #lbloggers, where on certain days and certain times of the week, they run a chat on a chosen topic and bloggers can interact with each other and SHARE LINKS!
5. You don't need a DSLR camera, to take good photos!
(but it helps!)
6. On the other hand, if you have all the kit and don't know how to use it- what's the point in you having it.
7. Invest in a good piece of editing software
( There are some great free ones as well, I am thinking of doing a blog post about it)
8. Tripods are a key!
9. If you want to work with companies, create a separate business email and put that in your contact page.
10. Don't be afraid to experiment with your content
11.  Natural lighting in photographs is a lot more flattening than soft boxes or using a flash
12. Do collabs
It will help you promote your blog to a wider audience
13. Don't put watermarks on your photos, if you can help it. They tend to look tacky and are distracting
14. Spell checker is your best friend
15. Don't over edit your photographs, this means they lose quality
16. If you don't know how to edit HTML, LEAVE IT! You will only ruin your blog
17. Always give credit, if you are using other peoples photos
18. Don't force content, if you are not in the mood
19. However when you feel the sudden urge to write! DO IT! It will be probably some of your
best work!
20. Don't worry about your analytics. There important but not everything
21. Learn from pervious posts, Find out what's popular and not popular with you demographic
22. Your writing style should match the average age of your demographic
23. Don't comment 'f4f' on peoples blog posts! ITS ANNOYING! and nobody likes it
24. Instead leave your blog link at the end of a genuine comment and people may just come and have a look
25. Don't think that hundreds of companies will want to work with you overnight- it just doesn't work like that.
26. Post regularly!
27. Use bloglovin!
28. Have a notebook with you at all times, if your phone leaves you hanging- you have
something to jot those brilliant ideas in
29. Spend time working on your blog design
( Trust me your probably won't ever be happy with it)
30.  Don't let negative comments pull you down, learn from them instead
31. If people in the real world don't understand, that's okay. I wouldn't expect them too!
32.  Do something out of your comfortable zone
33. You don't have to make a YouTube channel, just because your blogger
34. Good pictures speak a thousand words
35. Break up your writing in to paragraphs.
( some people find it really hard to read long essays on a screen)
36. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to do it
37. Invest in lots of SD cards, so you can take pictures to your hearts content
38. Take a break, once in a while
39. NEVER let your blog control your life
40. Find a place where you really like to blog
41. Blogging should be something you enjoy and is fun- don't make it to serious
42. Don't blog just to get free samples
43. Make your blog personal to you
44. Do not put yourself under too much pressure, you miss a upload date, SO WHAT?!
45. Take your time over your blog posts
46. You don't always need a seclude
47. Some people love secludes, see if they work for you?!
48. Be critical with your blog, but not over critical
49. You don't need to spend thousands on products just for your blog- people love lifestyle posts, which cost nothing
50. Be Positive!  Be Happy! and Enjoy yourself
Thanks for reading x
If you have any other quick blogging tips, do leave them in the comments
* Be Happy*   

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