Thursday 30 July 2015

DSLR- Expensive Vs. Investment

Cannon EOS 100D

Cannon 55-250mm

When it comes to blogging one of the most important things is your photos, now I'm not saying my photography is perfect-anything from it but something that I have learnt while mindlessly browsing other peoples blogs and an interesting topic of conversation that has appeared in lots of twitter chats, I have been part of, is, ' Is a DSLR camera worth it?'    

So, that got me thinking, is a DSLR just a expensive piece of kit, that people have, just to show of? or is it an investment piece, that could last you for years to come. The answer, I believe is the person behind the camera.

Of course, DSLR cameras are expensive. I'm not going to pretend that they aren't and brush it under the carpet. DSLR's  can set you back quite a few hundred pounds, not to mention all the bump that shops try and sell you with it. I truly believe that a DSLR can be a really  life changing piece of kit   wouldn't go that far, but you get what I mean.

What turns a DSLR from becoming an expensive piece of kit to an investment is what you do with it. Are you buying a DSLR to try and make you work harder at your blog? Are you buying it because you think it will make you look better and more professional? or do you want a DSLR because your committed to your work?

DSLR cameras are a great way to help you learn and encourage you to take better blog photos,but only if you are prepared to learn. Just because you have a £600 camera and a swanky lens, does not mean you will be able to take good photos overnight. ( That came out a bit harsh)  

A good camera, with a better sensor, more megapixels and bigger zoom is sure going to give you a leg up in the right direction but it also goes hand in hand with a good and background. Learning is not just something you do one afternoon and that's it, your sorted for life- its an ongoing process, you learn by trail and error. If your not prepared to do this, it is not a investment, more a great dust collector. 

If your not prepared to look after your camera, your find yourself back at the camera shop before you can say ' DSLR' You don't have to wrap it up in cotton wool, they are made to withstand their fair share of bumps and bruises, but still- look after it. 

What I'm trying to get across is the fact that, if you blog, every now and again and you are considering  buying a DSLR, its probably not going to be worth it, you won't invest your money wisely, you have to be really passionate about your blog, for a DSLR camera to really be an investment.

Of course, there is so many fantastic point and shoots and bridge cameras out there, that definitely can produce better photos, then a DSLR in the wrong hands

Thanks for reading x

I hope you enjoyed this post, something slightly different from usual- really want to do more of these posts though, as it is something I am passionate about 


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