Friday 10 July 2015

DIY Ombre Nails

Hey Guys,
Fun fact about me, I used to be really in to nail art but unfortunately, I couldn't wear it to school and didn't see the point in painting my nails on the Friday, to only have to take it off, when Monday rolled around again. However by now leaving school, I can wear nail polish all the time. Meaning I can spend my time experimenting with nail art designs.
Today I thought I would show you how I created this ' ombre nail effect' I am a bit rusty at nail art and no professional, so If you have stumbled across this looking for something amazing, you may be disappointed but instead here is a YouTube tutorial that does a much better job.

You will Need:
1 sheet of Tin foil
Top coat
 ( Yes, there is not one shown in the pictures because all mine are dried up, I am an idiot and will be buying a new one this week)  
A white shade ( This can be as pale as you like) I used natural collection sugar mouse
3 Nail polishes in different shades of the same colour
I used 17- sea breeze, nails inc-Southwark and the lightest blue was a miss sporty one.
A brush or sponge
cotton buds and pads
Nail polish remover
1. Apply the white shade on the nails, if this is a stronger shade of white, it will make the colours stand out more.

2.  Put a little bit of the darker shade on the tin foil, you could use a mixing wheel if you have one. Then use your brush to dab that colour on to the top of your nails.

3. Then do the same process for the slightly lighter colour.
I found that it worked best if I mixed all three colours together, as I wanted them to fade in to each other gradually.

I did the same for the lighter two colours. If you have two different brushes this would be ideal, as it can get quite messy.

This is the finished look, as I said before its not perfect, its quite messy looking and different from the other tutorials, I have seen. I am pretty pleased with it though.

If you make any mistakes at the end, You can dip the cotton bud in nail polish remover and remove it- but only once it has dried.

Thanks for reading x
I hope to do a lot more in the future, if You have any ideas of what I could do, please leave them in the comments.

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