Friday 24 July 2015

Top 10 Under £10 Beauty Picks

Me and Megan from are going to be showing you are top 10, under £10 picks today. Make sure you go and check out Megan's blog, its a good old favorite of mine. She makes lovely posts all about makeup, beauty and lifestyle- so make sure you go and check her out, I am sure you will love it  :)

(Check out my fancy basket pictures! It probably took me longer to get them all to neatly stand up then it did to write this blog post)

#1 Soap and glory thick and fast Mascara- £10
 This is a really good mascara for volume and not so much the length. I have mentioned before, that it can be quite clumpy sometimes when applying and also quite hard to get out of the tube. But once its on the lashes it looks amazing, definitely looks like it is worth more than a £10 mascara. I actually did a whole review on this mascara, you can check out HERE

#2 collection Lasting perfection concealer- £4.19
I and millions of other bloggers mention this product all the time. You know that it has a really good coverage and is super cheap for the quality.  Fun fact, mine is one shade to dark for me and I really need to buy the fair one soon.

#3. Collection crème puff lip-gloss in cotton candy- £2.99
If anyone said to me, I had £3 what could I buy from the drugstore that would be worth the money, I would say this product. Its probably my favourite lip product ever. Its so easy to apply, it dries to a matte finish- lasts a long time as well and its the perfect colour for me. Forget trying to find the right foundation match, I can't even match lip colours to my face tone- this though suits me so well

#4 Maybelline colour tattoo pink gold- £4.99
I really want to try the on and on bronze version of this, as I think it will be a lot more wearable. However the pink gold one still as good, its easy to apply and does in fact last all day, its a shame I can never find any of the neutral colours though   

#5 Collection No clumps Mascara- £2.99
If you buy this, trust me another £2.99 well spent at the collection stand ( can we see a running theme of my favourite brand) I think this mascara adds more length to my lashes but still a bit of volume. Its not clumpy at all, the only thing I would say is it likes to fall of as the day goes on, more than my other mascaras, which isn't as great.

#6 Rimmel match perfection foundation 001 porcelain- £6.99
The good thing about Rimmel is that it is always on some kind of offer. I picked this foundation up for £5. It gives the perfect light coverage, like your not wearing any foundation. It does cling to dry areas, so I wouldn't recommend for dry skin.

#7 Rimmel stay matte powder transparent- £3.99
This is another holy grail product for many a beauty blogger. Its really good at making you stay matte and holds your makeup in place all day, for you.

#8 Collection eyes uncovered eye shadow palette- £3.99
I brought this on a total whim, just after it came out and its like the best ' whim' product I have ever brought. Its fabby because all the eye shadows are really natural and easy to blend, they are so good for beginners. They come with 6 shades and there is 3 versions of this palette to chose from

#9 Natural collection eye shadow duo milk/sable- £1.99
If you are completely new to eye shadow or don't want any thing over the top, this is perfect. Two very nice, natural easy to wear shades at a very good price

#10 Avon ultra glaze lip-gloss iced pink- £4.99
This is my favourite non sticky lip-gloss. It feels super soft on the lips, leaves a perfect finish and is such a lovely light pink colour- suitable for every day wear  

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Make sure you go and check out Megan's post as well!

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