Sunday 26 July 2015

How To Gain Instagram Followers Quickly

I love reading ' how to' posts on other peoples blogs and watching them on YouTube so I thought I would do this one today. Its a bit different, so I don't know if you guys will like it, but here goes.

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms because I love interacting with my followers. Here is how you can gain more followers, quickly.

#1 Post regularly!! This is pretty obvious but if someone sees that you haven't posted in a couple of weeks, they are less likely to follow and even more likely to un follow

#2 Interact with others. Leave comments and questions on other peoples posts. This means they are more likely to come and check your feed out. But don't leave 'sfs' or 'f4f' on everyone's photos because you won't be as successful ( and its so annoying)

#3 Add hashtags to your photos, that are relevant to the image but DO NOT #hashtag #every #word #because #people #find #it #really #annoying #please #stop :)

#4 If you have clicked on this post, you may have a themed account, if so- try and upload images with the same background or similar style and filters, because I find my followers often don't like change. BUT DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU UPLOADING WHAT YOU WANT. There are lots of different 'themes' you can go for black and white, photography or pastel. But you can be a total rebel and do a mix!

#5 Upload at popular times and go on at times that a lot of people are on. For example I like to upload when people wake up in the morning and when they come home from school. Try not to interact and like a ton of peoples photos at night, hoping they will come and check your account out, because they often get lost in amongst likes and comments they got overnight- so I found they are less likely to reply.

Hope you guys found this useful.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for gaining Instagram followers fast or any other posts like this you would like me to do.

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Thanks for reading x 
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