Monday 20 July 2015

Whats in my bag!?

Today, I am doing another collab. This time it is with the lovely
You should all go and check her blog out and follow, because she makes really good quality blog posts and talks about everything pink and girly   
We are both going to be showing you what's in our bags, so make sure you go and check out hers too!
I did this post, actually around this time last here. Funny enough I have the same bag and pretty much the same contents. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit and I don't like change

My bag is from Primark last year. It is just a plain, black satchel- but it can surprising fit a lot inside. Here are some alternatives, in case you were looking to buy one similar  (because I'm kind like that)

The beauty of having a smallish bag is you can't fill it with rubbish ( well not as much rubbish)
Some handbag essentials include my phone, which is just some old, Samsung one, some tangled earphones, some beautiful hand sanitizer, Hand Food, a cute little set for my nails, Some mints, a really cute Disney mirror my friend brought me from Japan and my good old trusty tangle teaser.  

In the back of this photo you can see an Avon naturals spray poking through, my purse- which consists of no money but a ton of out of date NO7 vouchers to spend at boots and finally a very interesting set of house keys.
That's it for this post, make sure you check out post!
Thanks for reading x
Comment below, some your handbag essentials
* Think happy thoughts*

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