Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Nail Polish Collection

I haven't done a collab in a while so today I am doing another one! Today It is with the lovely http://prettyperfectxoxo.blogspot.co.uk/. Her blog is lovely and you should go and check her out. She's doing her makeup brush collection and I am going to be doing my nail polish collection.
I think I have quite a lot of nail polish. I have taken the pictures so all the same colours are together. For my brains sake and so you don't fall of your chair in boredom reading every single colour, I am not going to list the name of each one, however if you do what to know the name of a certain one just comment down and below and I can sort that out for you.
As you can tell I have a lot of technic ones, Ciate and nails Inc. I have got these all in sets but there all really good.  My all time favourite brand though is OPI HANDS DOWN! oh and I have a lot of glitter polishes , I don't know why- glitter is the most impossible thing to get of EVER!
Ted Baker nail polish is just a dream.
That orange Avon one at the end was a big mistake

The Barry M magnetic one in cosmetic glow is pretty rubbish but the technic one in the middle in the shade sionna island is lush

The blue glittery one in mermaid is stunning and has a fabulous name

OPI planks a lot is an all time favourite

The Rimmel polish in cupcake and the Topshop one in cryogenic are top notch  

I never wear gold's but okay it seems that I have a lot

MUA in white wash and pitch black are recent purchases and are really good for only a pound

These are all my special effects and crackle coats ( Does anyone else remember when crackle was such a big thing?!)   

The Barry M topcoat and basecoat is very good, highly recommend
Thanks for reading x
PS; This is the first blog post with photos taken on my new DSLR camera! WOOP for good quality, boo, for the fact they all take so long to upload
* Not everyone looking at you, is thinking negative things about you*



  1. Oh wow you have a lot! My favorite shades right now are pale pinks.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Lovely collection, definitely going to try out the barry M top- and basecoat! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. You should, for £2.99 its totally worth it ♡♥

  3. Great post! Loved the collection you've chosen x

    Louise xxx


  4. You have amazing nail polish collection. Yellow shades are so cute. xx


    1. Thank you, I love yellow nail polish, it is perfect for spring and summer :)

  5. So many nail polishes! Rimmel Cupcake looks so pretty, I also really want to try Nails Inc and Ciaté polishes!
    What do you think of Avon nail polish? There's so many nice shades, however I'm always unsure whether to buy them just in case they aren't that good.

    Aim | www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co uk x x

    1. Nails inc are such a great brand, I recomend you try them out. I have some avon nail polishes that are really good, the only problem I have found is the pictures can be missleading. The Orange shade in the photo said it was bright orange but in fact it was not that at all. Other than that, they are good value for money as they are always on offer ♥♥

  6. Also, I remember when crackle top coats were huge! Barry M black crackle top coat was my go-to and looking back, it didn't look that good!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who brought in to the special effects rubbish, I much prefer nail polish brands making good quality, fun coloured nail polish ♥♥


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