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10 Amazing Spotify Playlists You Need To Listen To

10 Amazing Spotify Playlists You Need To Listen To music blogger top 10

I absolutely love music. Unlike most people I feel like my music taste is very diverse. Nowhere is this more apparent than in my 'recently played playlist' section on Spotify. Whoever came up with the idea of Spotify is an absolute genius. I don't think a day goes past where I don't listen to it. I have discovered so many amazing bands and artists from using Spotify!

If you don't use Spotify, then seriously why not? It's the best thing ever and you are seriously missing out! Today I thought I would share with you, my favourite playlists, enjoy!

1) Happy Days 
If I am feeling sad or am in need of a pick me up, this is the playlist I go to! What I love about this playlist is that is features older, happy upbeat songs rather than modern ones. If you love 50/60's style music then this playlist is definitely for you. It's not often that I come across a playlist where I love nearly every single song, this playlist is definitely one of those. It was so hard to narrow it down, but my three favourite songs in this playlist are:
Brown eyed girl- Van Morrison
I'm into something good- Herman's hermits 
Sugar sugar- The Archie's 

2) Classic pop picks 
This is definitely one of my favourite playlists to have in the background when I am writing essays. It's upbeat, fun and jolly- with a good mix of both contemporary tunes with old classics. There is definitely a lot of old 2004 tunes in here, which I love! Nothing beats a bit of old music that you feel like you haven't heard in 10 years. My favourite songs in this playlist are:
Ugly heart- G.R.L
You've got the love- Florence and the machine 
Pon de replay- Rihanna 

3) Disney 
I am a massive Disney fan. One of the biggest things I love about Disney is the music. It's so magical and beautiful. Honestly, I feel like I have listened to this playlist so many times I could recite half of the songs word for word. What's great about this playlist is that it doesn't just include old classics but modern Disney films as well, adding in their songs once they are released. This is a great playlist for all true Disney fans! Just a few of my favourite songs are:
Zero to hero- Hercules 
When you wish upon a star- Pinocchio 
Once upon a time- sleeping beauty 

4) Epic throwback dance party 
Although I don't go clubbing or to house parties, this doesn't stop me Appreciating good old fashioned dance party tunes. The older the better if you ask me. I love to have a good old boogie in my bedroom sometimes. Sorry, not sorry. This is definitely my go-to playlist for that. It never fails to disappoint me! A few of my favourite tunes from this playlist that never get old:
Get ur freak on- missy Elliot 
Single ladies- BeyoncĂ© 
Get the party started- Pink

Spotify playlists top 10 songs music

5) All Gold 80s 
I love 80s music. I have grown up with 80s music as we always used to listen to cassettes in the car of various 80s tunes. 80s music will always have a special place in my heart and bring back lots of neologistic memories from when I was younger. Unfortunately, time and technology move on. This playlist, however, has helped me carry on my love for 80s music. Some of my favourite 80s tunes in this playlist include:
Don't you want me- human league 
You make my dreams- Daryl hall and John Oates 
You can't hurry love- Phil Collins 

6) Timeless love songs
I am not going to be the first person to admit that I love a good love song. Admittedly if I listen to them too much, I can get a bit down in the dumps. However, every now and again is great. I think a lot of love songs, have a really good beat but are underrated because of their cheesiness! I am all for the cheesiness! You should never underestimate a good love song! Three of my favourites include:
Can't help falling in love- Elvis Presley 
I will always love you- Witney Houston 
It must be love- Madness 

7) Productive Morning 
If you ever need something to play in the background while you get your shit done, this is the playlist you need. These songs have very little words so don't distract you from your work but are also not classical music so don't worry they won't send you off to sleep. I really don't know how you would describe this style of music but if you are hitting the library at the moment with a tonne of revision, this is playlist you want. My favourite songs are: 
Embers- Tracey chattaway
Truth- balmorhea
Passage- lowercase noises 

8) Cheesy Hits
I love a good cheesy hit. Nothing beats whacking out some old tunes from the good old days. Although this playlist can be super annoying as there are some songs in it which I can't stand, there is equally some banging tunes which I love! All your secret little guilty pleasures in one place for you to enjoy, what more could anyone want. My favourite cheesy tunes include:
Year 3000- busted 
Bring it all back- S club 7 
The fresh prince of bel air- DJ jazzy Jeff 

9) Movie music: kids classics 
I love a good movie soundtrack, especially if it is of one of my favourite films. I have a bit of a soft spot for kids films. I don't know why! I just love them! This playlist includes so many great tunes from dream works and Pixar films as well as some others that are equally fantastic. If there is ever a song on a kids film you don't know the name of come to this playlist and I am sure you will find it. Some of my favourite songs in this playlist include:
Everything is awesome- The Lego movie 
I like to move it- Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa 
Stuff we did- UP

10) 00s Hits Uk 
I love 00s music nearly as much as I like 80s music. There is a lot of playlists in the decade section on Spotify, however, this one is my favourite in relation to meeting all my naughties music needs. There is so many old classics in this playlist that I LOVE, probably more than I should but you know don't judge me! I also find playlists like these strangely easy to listen to while I write essays, fun fact for you! My top three in this playlist are: 
Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus 
MR bright side- the killers 
Stronger- Kayne west 

And that's it, 10 smashing Spotify playlists! Please let me know what playlists you like to listen to on Spotify, I am always on the hunt for new ones! 

Do you have Spotify? Got any go-to playlists? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always xx
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