Wednesday 4 May 2016

50 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist

50 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist feminism lifestyle blogger UK

I have always wanted to do posts about feminism on my blog. The amount of times I have asked on Twitter and you guys have said yes, but I still haven't done any. To be really honest with you guys I am a little bit scared. It's a touchy subject. People have a lot of strong opinions about it. 

Now I am not one to be scared about what people think. I am happy to share my opinions, get constructive criticism or have healthy discussions but what I am scared of is getting things wrong. It can be quite a complicated topic, with lots of big words and history. I definitely don't know everything about the topic and therefore, don't want to misinform you guys. 

With that in mind, if I do say anything wrong please do correct me, but don't be too mean! Today I thought I would start my voyage into feminism blog posts by starting off with something nice and simple; 50 reasons why I am a feminist! Enjoy! 

1. Because I believe in equality for both men and women 
2. Because gender roles suck and no one should be made to conform to them 
3. Because if I was a man writing this I would be taken a lot more seriously 
4. Because hair removal is seen as optional for men but mandatory for women 
5. Because the word feminazi exists
6. Because when women take on leadership roles in their jobs, they get told they are being bossy
7. Because when women are told that when they loose their virginity, that they are losing a part of their innocence and purity 
8. But when men lose theirs, it's championed and congratulated. Double standards much? 
9. Because women still feel the need to say " I am not a feminist but..."
10. Because men are told to suppress their feelings and emotions, leading to the biggest killer of men under 45 being suicide 
11. Because I recognise and appreciate the oppression that women have had to go through to get the rights we take for granted today 
12. Because 1/4 women in society will be assaulted but people feel the need to ask what clothes she was wearing!
13. Because cat calling is not a compliment 
14. Because of the pressure, young girls but also boys are put under to worry endlessly about their appearance 
15. Because periods are still such a taboo and are regarded as repulsive or disgusting 
16. Because the media tells young women that other women are their competition, destroying friendships!
17. Because boys are shamed for being emotionally open 
18. Because boobs are used to sell just about anything 
19. But some people still think it's so inappropriate to breastfeed a child in public 
20. Because when boys cry, they get told they are acting like women. And womanhood is weak?
21. Because when I am angry or upset I get told it's probably because I am on going through my monthly, bodily process of menstruation, WHICH I CAN'T HELP?!
22. Because People still believe that A-sexual, trans, and bisexual people- do not exist? 
23. Because half the girls in Yemen will become child brides 
24. Because the average women will earn $450,000 less than a male co-worker in the same job by the time she reaches 60 
25. Because 65% of Brazilians who believe a girl who is dressing in revealing clothes- deserves to be raped 
26. Because I believe that the world should be safe for all women EVERYWHERE
27. Because misogynist commercials and advertising do not get met with the disgust and disapproval they deserve
28. Because women are still expected to want to get married from a very young age and want a perfect white wedding 
29. Because 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men but 100% will never be pregnant?!
30. Because in Saudi Arabia women still can't vote or drive 
31. Because when I tell people I have no intention of having children, I am still met with utter disgust and disapproval 
32. Because men receive praise for their efforts and talents whereas women are objected or sexualised 
33. Because women are discriminated against in the workplace for having children or wanting to have children in the future 
34. Because we live in a society which teaches women not to get raped but does not teach men, not to rape! 
35. Because your personality shouldn't be decided for you, the minute you leave the womb based on your gender 
36. Because as soon as Princess Kate doesn't do something 'right' or 'unexpected' with her body- she subject to disrespect and abuse 
37. Because some men still think it is the women's role to do all the housework 
38. Because we need to take down the patriarchy which tells society that all men are aggressive and have little control over their emotions 
39. Because a women is raped every 14 seconds in South Africa 
40. Because female representation matters, whether that be women of colour, LGBT+ or cartoons 
41. Because sexism is often made fun of or into a joke and no one seems to batter an eyelid 
42. Because there are 2 million victims of sex trafficking each year, 85% of which are women 
43. Because in 31 states if a women as a child as a result of rape, the rapist can sue for custody and visitation rights
44. Because I strive for time where the man could stay at home and look after the kids and no one would care 
45. Because when women stand up and express their feelings and beliefs, they are hated upon 
46. Because the way in which women are portrayed in computer games is wrong!
47. Because there is still only one day when it ' accepted' for women to propose to their partners 
48. Because domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women 
49. Because three million girls each year are victims of genital mutilation 
50. And because my eyes are open to the world we live in, what society teaches us and I know, we are not there yet! 

Are you a feminist? Tell me why or why not in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always X
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