Wednesday 18 May 2016

34 Toys We All Had As Kids

34 Toys We All Had As Kids relateable lists buzzfeed

I wish I could be a kid again. No worries, no deadlines, no cares in the world. You come home from school, have no commitments, so what do you do? Play with your toys of course! I had a lot of toys as a kid, most of which have been thrown out now, but the memories I still hold close to my heart. As a kid who grew up in the early 2000s, I didn't have the internet like it is today. I wasn't given a phone and told to entertain myself for hours on end. I was given toys that made me use my own imagination.

When I was contacted by, an online marketplace that helps to connect people around the world with the items they love, got in touch he suggested that I should share with you some of my favourite, nostalgic items from my childhood. You guys know that I did a post a couple of months back, sharing 18 Things Kids From The Noughties Will Remember , However, I appreciate that not everyone who reads my blog grew up during that time. So I thought today, I would share will you 34 toys that we all probably had growing up as kids, no matter what decade we grew up in! I hope it makes you feel very nostalgic.  

34 Toys We All Had As Kids buzz feed lists funny invaluable
1. Fussy felt 
2. Lego
3. 101 things to spot books
4. Guinness world records
5. Barbies
6. Annuals
7. Dance mat
8. Rubik's cube
9. Pretend doctors kit
10. Puppet theatre
11. Dolls house
12. Pretend cash register
13. Harma beads- and I bet you are still finding them today
14. Jewellery making kits 

34 Toys We All Had As Kids fun lists

15. Crap craft kits- which were probably from Woolworth's and never worked
16. Mad science sets
17. Dolls world/ creepy dolls head
18. Cars mats- which was never used for its purpose
19. Secret diary device
20. Mod rock
21. Paint by numbers
22. Scratchy paint things- I didn't even realise they were still a thing
23. Hula hoops
24. Swingball
25. A scooter
26. A marble machine- which never got boring
27. Roller skates
28. Kerplunk
29. Cool cardz maker
30. Stickle bricks
31. Bop it
32. Duplo
33. A bike
34. Fishing game with magnets ( Where the fishing rods doubled up as swords) 

Did you have any of these toys? What did you enjoy playing with when you were a child? Did I miss something of my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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