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30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To a British Secondary School

30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To a British Secondary School buzzfeed lists funny realateable bloggers

School...the best days of your life. Well, can't say I agree with that 100% but nonetheless they were pretty fun. My best friend and I love chatting about school and I think we came to the unanimous decision that year 10 was the best year. In year 10, you start your GCSE subjects, that you choose, you have a couple of exams to worry about, but nothing too overwhelming. You haven't got the stress of year 11 but at the same time, you are not bottom, of the pack, making all those cringe-worthy mistakes, which you do in year 7 and 8. 

Anyway, I am rambling now! Basically, whatever you think about your experience at school, whether it was the best five years of your life or you loathed every second of it, there is something that we can all agree on- there were just some things that no matter what school you went to, up and down the country, were the same! Here are 30 things you will understand if you went to a British secondary school, enjoy!

1. Your school was probably built in the 60s which clearly reflects population growth as you swarm around doors trying to get in, like flies on dog poo.

2. You had 'temporary' huts which were so temporary they were still there 30 years later.

3. Your cooking room sinks were so filthy, they were probably breeding a new bacteria to wipe the whole population of the school out.

4. Getting so excited when one of your humanities teacher wheeled out the TV trolley with all the old videos! Yes then!

5. Having a mini crisis when the teacher couldn't put the gas on because someone had a Bunsen burner tap open. Obviously trying to gas themselves to death...

6. You had like 10 sewing machines for a group of 30 students, which ultimately resulted in you dossing about for all your textile lessons.

7. Finding out your life has changed when you discovered the 'DJ' button on the keyboards in your music block.

8. Creating a wide range of utterly pointless and stupid things for three years of mandatory DT lessons. Nothing beats that pencil box, though.

9. Thinking that all prefects had so much responsibility when actually all you did was chat and eat your lunch.

10. Having that one dinner lady that always tried to have a conversation with you... But you hated them.

11. Chip days... were the best days

12. Your school decides it wants to implement healthy eating more so puts apples in the vending machines which were just left to rot while people scoffed the Oreos

13. Spending the whole of year 11 fretting what colour leavers jumper you wanted

14. Oh, and spending the year auguring what prom transport you wanted...

15. Which only ended up being the biggest anti-climax ever...

30 Things You Will Understand If You Went To a British Secondary School lists buzz feed funny blogger UK

16. Not being able to contain your excitement for the Easter and Christmas assembly delivered by the headmaster every single year with the same bloody speech...

17. When physical exercise consisted of standing around watching others jumping on a trampoline. Hey government, if you want to know why we have so many obese kids?

18. And when it rained out came; just dance, the steps or cheerleading... but this was just for girls remember, because boys could go out and play rugby in the wet but girls couldn't?!

19. And not to mention feeling like you were going to die every time you played king and queen ball

20. Oh and the changing rooms being the vilest and most disgusting things ever known to man

21. You probably used your homework diary as the ultimate doodle pad

22. When someone released a stink bomb and you thought you were in Grange Hill or something

23. Even when there was the smallest of fights, it was big news and spread around school like wildfire

24. Going on the mandatory day trip to France in seven 7, which let's face it was pretty rubbish as you spent most of the 24 hours travelling

25. Having that one teacher who would have a story for everything. For example: "Don't swing on your chair, I once had a student who did that in 1859 and..." SHUT UP

26. Oh and that teacher who insisted the bell was for them not the students

27. Dealing with pain of choosing what to wear for a non-school uniform day but in the end, you just spent your day bitching about what everyone else is wearing

28. The yearly pain every Christmas of whacking out the maths colouring by numbers!? I swear they were the worst things known to man but people still wanted to do them!

29. Thinking that your sex education lessons would be great but in fact, all you learnt about was alcohol and smoking- every single year

30. Having to go through mountains of lost property before anyone could go home for their holiday! Like seriously no one is going to claim that pair of minging old trainers

Hopefully, it wasn't just me that had to endure all of this pain! If you went to British secondary school let me know if you can relate to any of this or if there is anything else that should be added to the list!

Thanks for reading, as always X
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