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50 Thoughts I Have On a Daily Basis

50 Thoughts I Have On a Daily Basis lifestyle blogger UK mental health blog thoughts mental wellbeing

When I saw the amazing, beautiful and utterly inspirational Amie from Thecurvaceousvegan do a post about 30 thoughts she has on a daily basis which you are can read HERE, I found myself internally agreeing and nodding my head at lots of the points she was making! 

I enjoyed the post so much; I was inspired to share a similar post on my blog about all the thoughts I have on a daily basis! The great thing about these posts is 100 people could do them, and they would all be totally different! All our minds are different and work in completely different ways! Which makes us all unique. Granted there are some thoughts we have which are pretty universal but others not so much! 

As most of you know, I suffer from mental health problems, so lots of the thoughts I have on a daily basis aren't very nice, but I have tried to mix it up with some light-hearted thoughts which I also have in the day! This post could have easily gone on for ages! I have WAY TOO MANY crazy thoughts every day to list in just one post!! I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

1. It's not time to get up already? 
2. Wow, that was a bloody messed up dream 
3. You're so dirty and contaminated Nicole 
4. I have no energy 
5. Eating is such a burden 
6. This bleach bloody hurts 
7. Oh god I'm having another mood swing 
8. OMG, my hair. Why is it so disgusting?
9. Could I just cut it all off?
10. But I want to grow it down to my bum! Erugh!!!!
11. Not another bloody advert Spotify 
12. You just played that advert Spotify! Get your shit together 
13. I bloody love Spotify 
14. *Has mini heart attack* did I schedule tweets?
15. Oh no! Speed types tweets!
16. OMG everyone on Twitter is so kind!
17. Could I buy them all a present? Would that be possible?
18. I don't deserve this much love 
19. I haven't washed my hands in ages 
20. Don't touch that Nicole 
21. I should probably Snapchat 
22. This bee filter though gives me life 
23. OMG my skin is rank
24. I need to drink more water. I'm going to drink more water 
25. I'm an adult soon. I'm not ready for this.
26. What am I doing with my life?
27. I bloody love blogging 
28. I'm so unhealthy 
29. You're a bad person Nicole 
30. No one really likes you 

50 Thoughts I Have On a Daily Basis blogger lifestyle UK lists

31. I've literally been on Twitter for three hours straight and what?
32. I will never be loved.
33. I've probably got some deadly illness that's about to kill me any minute 
34. You will never get better 
35. Do people actually like my blog?
36. Can I go to bed yet?
37. 6 PM is an acceptable time to go to bed right?
38. What's that noise?
39. I am being burgled!!! Shit run for cover 
40. Oh shit when was the last time I had a drink of water 
41. Oh shit I'm having another mood swing
42. Why am I crying for no reason 
43. That mole, vein, spot looks abnormal- it's probably cancer 
44. What if my house burnt down right now?
45. You will never have clear skin 
46. You will never be successful at anything 
47. I can't cope anymore 
48. Why is my blog never as good as anyone else's?
49. Why is the world such a horrible place sometimes?
50. Ahhh!!! My bed we meet again!

I don't know if this is a good thing or not but this blog post literally took me five minutes to write. It's safe to say my mind doesn't like to give me a break! 

Please reassure me in the comments below that I am not the only crazy person who has these thoughts on a daily basis!

Thank you for reading, as always X

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  1. I feel like we have pretty much the same thoughts on a daily basis! My mind is constantly on overdrive!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Here's my 100% honest answer to your thought 'do people actually like my blog': YES THEY DO! they bloody love it :) For me I think number 25 is the most relatable one. I turned 18 back in March & still feel like I'm not ready at all haha x


    1. haha, thank you! You are so kind and adorable! xx

  3. I love this post. Its so fun to see post like this, I can relate to most of these especially the bloody spotify adverts! HAHA!

  4. I absolutely loved point number 50 haha, it made me chuckle!
    What a lovely post though! Never seen one like it before xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  5. Those what if questions are all to relevant in my mind!
    Great post :)


  6. I pretty much have all these thoughts on a daily basis too so don't worry you aren't alone!

    Ella xx

  7. I related to a lot of these! And YES I like your blog!! (no. 35)
    Freya -

  8. Boy can I relate to this! All the crazy that happens in between waking up and bed and finding it again. It's exhasuting!
    Ashleigh | Mermaid on the Move

  9. I have so many of these thoughts every day, I love your blog and posts like this brighten up my day so much - you're my blogging inspiration x

    Frances xx

    PS - Mind checking out my latest post? xx

    1. aw that's such a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much x

  10. Aw I loved this! I think lots of these things too! I saw your snaps too, I'm sad to see you're so down about your skin. Bet you a million quid you'll never get spots when you get older. One of my closest friends had bad acne in her late teens, hit her twenties and hasn't had a spot since, I however was the complete opposite. Have you asked the doctor for acne medication? It really helps.

    Love your blog forever, Rebecca Claire, xx

    1. aw thank you! Yeah I have had acne for seven years now and I have had all the pills and creams they can offer me, including the pill which can help with acne! Nothing as worked so hopefully I can have Isotretinoin as a last resort! Thanks x

  11. Mood swings, Snapchat, Spotify?! It's like we're twins ;)

    Edye | Http://

  12. I've come to the conclusion that we must share the same brain or something?! Like all of us! This was also quite enlightening to know as someone who doesn't have OCD about how many OCD thoughts you have in a day ♡ Lily xx

    1. aw thank you so much, yeah some days there's a lot more and some times a lot less x

  13. Gosh i could relaye to a lot of these - i actually did a journal like this for thoughts from my own head, in regards to anxiety/anorexia and god it was eye-opening! My head literally doesn't stop :-/ Sending huge huge hugs my angel xxx

    1. aw that's such a good idea! I might try doing that! I know what it feels like to have your head never stop xx

  14. Great post :) I can relate to so many of your thoughts. Thankyou for sharing this post, as it gives people a look into the constant thoughts in our minds that are fuelled by our mental health conditions. It can be really difficult to get through the day when these thoughts won't stop, and people don't understand how tiring it can be. Stay Strong *hugs* x

  15. I have pretty much all of these thoughts on a daily basis so you are definitely not alone in this 💕

  16. This is an amazing post <3 you write so beautifully but simply too! I have some similar thoughts to you as well, I might have to do one of these posts, it seems like it might be quite therapeutic. I'd link back here of course! ;)

    Amber Love Blog

    1. aw thank you so much! It is indeed! You should give it a go xx

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