Saturday 1 August 2015

The Makeup That Never Lets Me Down

When parting with my hard earn cash,  please forgive me if I tend not to buy things out of my comfort zone, but I know what works best for me- the makeup that never lets me down or fails to disappoint me. I often find buying colours,shades and products that I don't know very well, kind of daunting. So here are my essential items that I can always rely on, when buying new makeup when I go shopping!

#1 A powder
 In the photo, I have chosen the Rimmel stay matte powder, but really any powder is a must! It stops your makeup dripping of your face and stops you looking like you have just been on a very sweaty, long run.  Anything that claims, it is mattifying is definitely going to get my attention in the shop.

#2 Light coverage foundation 
You know when you have those rare days, where you skin isn't actually that bad but you still look a bit 'dead' This is where a light coverage foundation such as the rimmel match perfection comes in. It provides a nice bit of coverage, it never lets you down but can't really fight any spots! 

#3 A concealer that actually conceals things 
Many concealers don't actually do much for your skin, but the lasting perfection one actually covers up any indication on your face, that says you have been awake half the night on Tumblr. 

#4 A mascara that adds volume 
I think I am blessed to have quite long lashes, so a mascara like the soap and glory, Thick and fast which can give me that extra BOOM, to my lashes, will never let me down 

#5 A neutral eye shadow palette
There is so many neutral eye shadow palettes that I could of chosen from, because they just can't fail to disappoint you. In Particular, I have a big fan of the dark brown eye shadows. They are so easy to wear and apply, and actually make you look like you made an effort

#6 Fuchsia Lip
I bet, a lot of you thought I would go with a nude or light pink, but no! Controversially, I love a bright pink lip in the day, I think they really suit me, A lot more than a nude

#7 Clear lip gloss
Clear Lip gloss, like this one from Avon, can never let you down. Its an absolute staple in my makeup bag, whenever you are in  'makeup' state of emergency, a clear lip gloss can come to your rescue.

Thanks for reading x

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what items of makeup never let you down, in comments below x 

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