Sunday 21 September 2014

5 Reasons why I will not follow your Blog

Hey Guys,
I wanted to do a post like this for ages! Recently as my blog has grown, I receive lots of comments asking for me to check out their blog. Which 99% of the time I will. I love checking out new blogs longing hoping I will find a beautiful blog, that becomes a new favourite. However I don't automatically follow.
Of course everyone's taste is different. Just because I wouldn't follow a blog because it does one of these things doesn't necessarily mean its not a very good blog.
1. Same sort of post over & over again
I understand that it if you do a beauty blog then you may be limited to the different kinds of posts you can publish. However if I scroll through your recent blogpost and they are all high end makeup reviews, it bores me! That's not to say it won't be other peoples cup of tea. Personally I like to read a wide range of posts. I like to get to know the owner of the blog a bit more than benefits new mascara.
2. Being too Formal
If I feel like I am reading a expensive glossy magazine, it turns me of automatically! I want to see your personality come through in your writing. ( write your thoughts in brackets like this as you write!)
3. To much writing
If your recent blog post, no mater what topic, looks like I am about to read war and peace or one of the books in the harry potter series- I won't bother! I like to read blogs when I have 10 mins to spare. Use paragraphs! It makes a lot of writing look a lot less.
4.  The dates that your blog posts are published
If your last post was published ' 5 months' the likely hood is that I won't follow. I want blogs that are regularly updated in my feed! I understand that everyone's needs to take a break but I don't know that without a new post of some kind.
5. No Pictures
I understand not every post needs a picture. But Not a single picture on any of your recent posts? I am a visual learner! I need to see it to believe it!
I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn't just want to do a post about ' blogging tips' so I thought this was slightly different.

Thanks for reading x
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