Sunday 7 September 2014

The Little Things in Life

Hey Guys,
Todays post is going to be a general ramble. As I start to write this it is currently very early on a Thursday morning. Though I have no idea when this is going to go up. I have been contemplating about writing this post for a while now. Its nothing special really but it's something a bit different.
A week or so ago ( could be months ago when you are reading this) I went to a little seaside town called clevedon. Its quite near Weston-Super-Mare if you didn't know already and if you didn't know what Weston-Super-Mare is then Google it! Weston-Super-Mare is a lovely place where I have spent many enjoyable days out to throughout my childhood. However as lovely as Weston-Super-Mare is, its very commercialised. You get there for 10:30 walk to the other end and before you know it- its heaving with people when you get back! Which is understandable because it is such a popular place but sometimes you just need to escape...
This is where Clevedon comes in! Clevedon is a tranquil and peaceful, little town. Consequently there isn't really a beach and there isn't a lot to do.  But it was the 'small little things' that make Clevedon special. Such as these little hand made knitted toys attached to the pier fence. They made me smile ( as cheesy as it sounds)
Walking up and down the old Victorian pier ( as unsafe as it looks) was just so lovely. The basic, stripped back to bare bones pier with no commercial shops or games on it. Clevedon doesn't need all the arcades and attractions that Weston has. Its  ' small little things' which make it an equally enjoyable place to go as Weston.
I hope you enjoyed that little ramblings. Thanks for reading x
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