Sunday 7 September 2014

Autumn Fashion Staples ( Collab )

Hey guys,
I am doing another collab blogpost today! Today I am collaborating with the lovely kate from kate will be talking about her staple beauty items for autumn. I am going to talk about my staple fashion items! I love autumn fashion a lot more than summer, so here goes...
 1. Cosy Jumpers
I love big and snuggly jumpers. They are perfect for layering up when the weather gets cooler or chucking on in the evening to relax with a cuppa and a biscuit ( God I sound old)  This one is from Matalan.
2. Tartan
Tartan is a must for autumn! it never goes out of fashion and always looks effortless.
I love Tartan shirts like this one from Primark ( which is too small now) or on scarfs
3. layering Dress
This is one of my all time favourite dresses. You can wear it in the summer with some cute slip-on's or chuck on some tights and boots in the winter. It is also monochrome ( which gets you extra style points hahah) This dress is from Dorothy Perkins.
4. Disco Pants
Disco pants or leather look leggings are a life saviour. If you want to look like you have
made more of an effort then just wearing leggings but don't want to wear jeans. These are slightly to big for more but are from Primark.
Thank you for reading! Please go and check out kates blog! To see her Beauty autumn staples
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