Sunday 28 September 2014

September Favourites

Honestly I know everyone says every month that that particular month has gone quickly but, really September went quick. Starting year 11 has literaly made the days and weeks go so quickly.
The first thing I have been loving this month, is actually drink related! I am not the biggest lover of hot drinks in the world however I discovered Whitards instant flavoured tea and I love it! Whitards always have samples to try which made me buy the strawberry and vanilla, lemon and lime and my favourite this month, the Mango and lychee.
You can have them hot and cold and they have loads more flavours that I can't wait to try.
My TV favourite this month has to be big school. Big school is a comedy on BBC 1 on Friday nights staring David Williams and Catherine Tate! It honestly makes me laugh out loud so much! Its definitely a under rated TV show
My two song Favourites this month have to be AlT- J left hand free from their new album this is yours and snap out of it from The Artic Monkeys, AM! I love both of these bands and can't wait to get both of their albums on Vinyl.
My favourite artist this month has to be Jamie T! I only just discovered him this month and I am honestly shocked at how good he is! My favourite songs are Zombie and on the green! I find his music great for revising too as well!
My last favourite this month ( sorry if it was short) is these beautiful shoes I brought right at the start of the month! They are ' geek' T-bar shoes and I think I have included them in a OOTD before! They are from Primark and were £10! They are going to be my ' go to Autumn shoes' as they go with everything!
Thanks for reading x
What have you been loving this month?! ♡♥
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