Sunday 7 September 2014

#teenblogseries | That One and Only Shop

Hey Guys,
This is the third post in the #teenblogseries. I didn't join in last week because I didn't have anything to write about on that topic. However this weeks topic is ' Favourite highstreet shop' Don't forget to check out everyones posts on twitter with the #teenblogseries
Soooo.. My favourite highstreet shop has to be NewLook! This was quite a hard choice for me, as I love tons of highstreet shops; topshop, river island, primark. Just to name a few! But for me NewLook is a shop that never gets it wrong! Here are some pieces I have been loving at the moment:
Newlook offers afforable clothes, at prices between Primark and topshop. Their clothes are such good quality. I have never had to return anything unlike primark and Topshop.
Another amazing thing I love about newlook is their sales! Unlike the topshop sale which is full of awful clothes no one would wear or in the most awkward sizes. Newlook has amazing deals and has a lot more different sizes.
Hope you enjoyed this #teenblogseries post. Thanks for reading xx
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