Sunday, 28 September 2014

My Hobby | Photography

This post is going to be quite different to anything I have done before on my blog! Its going to be very little writing and lots of photos!
I think we all need something in life that we enjoy and can distract us from life's worries, for some people that's music or sport! But as I have as much talent at either of those things as a 2 year old my little hobby is photography.
I also take GCSE photography ( which I was thinking about doing a post about later in the year)  but here are just some photos I have taken in the last year or so! Any feed back would be lovely x


  1. Wow! Those photos look so professional Nicole!x

  2. Your photography is perfect! I love using a camera too, it's hard to be original though.

  3. Your photography it's perfect! Your very skilled! :) x

  4. You're photography is great Nicole! I love these photos!

    Amy X


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