Sunday 21 September 2014

Skincare Tips #teenblogseries

Hey guys,
This is the 4th week in the #teenblogseries! Again, I didn't post last week because I had nothing to post about healthy eating! This weeks topic is all about skincare! So lets get cracking!
1. Have a good skin routine
I got given a simple skincare set including a lotion and cleanser for my birthday last year. So after i used it for a couple of weeks I saw a good improvement in my skin! Going from having no skin routine to a very detailed one, as done wonders to my skin!
2. Let your skin breath
I never wear any foundation or bb cream! This isn't to say you shouldn't wear any face makeup! But its a good idea to let your skin breath once or twice a week.
3. Know your skin type
Having this knowledge will help you chose what products you buy! I like to stick to simple as I have sensitive skin, and these don't break me out!
4. Water!!
I don't stick to this tip very well! A lot of the time, I drink tons in one go and really notice a difference and then none for ages!
5. Getting sleep!
Sleep is really important! If you are tired, your skin will be tired too!
Thanks for reading xx
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