Sunday 28 September 2014

Empties #2

These Empties are from ages ago but I completely forgot to do a post on them.
My first empty is the dove moisturizing crème! I mentioned this in a favourites ages ago but I love it! It was only a small sample tub but I will definitely go out and buy the full bottle. Its super silkily and soft and soaks in to your skin straight away.
Would I buy again?! Yes!
Secondly I used up these simple face wipes a couple of months ago. I love simple ( if you haven't guessed already) these are super gentle on my skin and didn't break me out at all.
Would I buy again?! Yes
This has to be one of my favourite hair care brands. This is Aussies miracle moist conditioner ! To be honest the price is worth paying for the smell of these proudcts and the way they leave your hair so smooth.
Would I buy again? Already have.
Another simple proudct but this time it is the hydrating kind to skin moisturizer . I am mentioned this so many times before! Would I buy again? Already have countless times
I am usually a massive lover of hand cream however I hate these Avon Care glycerine hand and nail creams. It never soaks in to my hands and I have to wash it of because it feels so gross. Which defeats  the object of hand cream.
Would I buy again? Never
Thanks for reading x
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