Friday 12 September 2014

Pintrest Pins | Dream Kitchen

Hey Guys,
I am obsessed with anything thing to do either home ware or moving ( even though I am only 15) This is thanks to the wonderful Gabby (velvet ghost)
Being inspired my Gabby I gravitated towards pintrest for some style inspiration and found myself making numerous pin boards for all rooms in my virtual house.
So I decided that I should make this series on my blog: ' pintrest pins' and talk about my dream rooms in my non existent house.
I decided to start with the kitchen. My dream kitchen would be covered from head to toe ( or ceiling to floor) in pastels.
Like in this photo I would want all my cupboards and doors to be painted different pastel colours.
My dream item in my pastel Kitchen would have to be, a massive pink ( or any pastel coloured) fridge. I love the 1950's style and it will give such a pop of colour to the room.
To go with all my pastel cupboards and fridge I would have to have numerous pastel coloured appliances like in the photo below. If they were all different colours ( like blue, yellow and pink) it would look adorable.
Thanks for reading xx I hope you enjoyed this post!
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