Wednesday 5 August 2015

7 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed To Get You More Traffic

Of course, in the world of blogging you want to produce content that you enjoy and you would want to click on yourself, if you saw it in your Bloglovin feed. Blah Blah Blah we know all that, but of course you want to produce content you would enjoy AND gets out to as many people as possible. Anyone that doesn't agree, is probably lying! So here are 7 blog post ideas that you can do, I guarantee will pull in more traffic.

7 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed To Get You More Traffic


Lists like these! Lists that are accessible and apply to every blogger, whether they are a beauty, fashion, lifestyle or a cheese specialist blogger (Yes that is the first thing that came to my head) People love a good list, that they can quickly flick through, read and pick up the key information they need. Ain't nobody got time to read waffle like blog posts. It doesn't have to be about blogging tips, it can be about anything! People love a good relatable, nostalgic list. 


Don't ask me why, but one of my most viewed posts on my blog is my skincare routine. The irony is I don't have amazing skin and I certainly don't use top of the range skin care products, but people just love it! I guess we all have skin, ( well done Nicole, for stating out the obvious) but we all want to look after our skin, whether that be to prevent spots, wrinkles, dry patches etc. We are all on the look out for a new miracle skin care product .


Britain as a nation, we are a right old load of scrimpers! We love cheap bargains, That make us get the most out of our money. Tell us about your favourite drugstore brands, picks under £5 and discount shops and sales! Everyone is on the hunt for, the beauty bloggers favorite expression...' a dupe' of their favourite product. 


A classic old favourite of mine, if you are stuck for something to post, write a list of blog post ideas! Oh that irony! Bloggers are always looking to improve their blogs and photography. Already done photography and blogging tips posts? EASY, give it a different name and different photos and use some old content or break up a section and do a post about it on its own. 


We are all obsessed with social media, we love to see whats on peoples iPhone,  how they edit their Instagram photos and reviews on the latest apps and YouTubers. We spend literally the most part of 80% of our day using technology, so of course we would want to see a post about it. 


We are all a sucker for it! If we weren't then room tours, closet tours and whats in my bag wouldn't be near as popular on YouTube as they are today!  We love to see how other normal people live their life,so show us! Weekly reflects and favourite posts are another very popular way so showing us a little insight in to your life.


No, but seriously I know that I love to be able to connect with a blog post. This is similar to point number 1, but something nostalgic like ' 10 reasons why being 8 was great' or ' Life lessons we all learn at secondary school' Things that everyone goes through, therefore more people want to read

7 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed To Get You More Traffic

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I hope this has given you some helpful post ideas x

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