Monday 3 August 2015

Offensive Mental Health Merch?!

I actually can't believe I am going to do this post. I had a nice, happy, normal post set out for today until I was brought to the attention by the Youtuber Sarah Hawkinson, who made a very alarming video about ' Mental health merch' You can watch that video HERE. I had no idea this was a thing and was utterly disgusted that it was. 

Offensive Mental Health Merch?!

Offensive Mental Health Merch?!

Shops and brands- well known or small, are selling clothing, makeup and other merchandise, glamourising mental health disorders, which can be seen in the photos above. I'm sorry but who in their right mind, would go around wearing a top that says ' eat less' or ' depression' when they probably know a minimum of one person who suffers or has suffered with some kind of mental health disorder in the past. Its utterly degrading and dam right disgusting to make fun of any mental health disorder. 

Not only is it offensive to the people who know someone who has suffered/ suffering from a mental health disorder but its mocking the people who do suffer from it or suffered. These people don't have a choice whether they suffer or not but I know certainly that anyone suffering would not go around wanting to parade the fact they suffer from such a debilitating mental struggle on a daily basis. You have choice not to buy and wear these clothes, so don't do it..

Its like walking around with a top making fun of cancer, you would not do it! No one is that sick or twisted. Its the same for mental health. But its seen okay by big brands to make these tops and merchandise because its ' cool' or ' tumblr' inspired, but that gives no one an excuse to wear such a rude and offensive top. For the likes of makeup brands like Obsessive, compulsive cosmetics, I understand its a play on words and isn't suppose to be malicious or harmful, but it is because it indirectly is targeting something that people have and making a brand and money out of it.

I personally have never suffered from any mental health disorder, but I still think that I am qualified enough to arise this point with you. I have a creative outlet, which I can use to inform and educate you about things I think are important, and this is one. Even though these tops may have been withdrawn from the shops for now, I have no doubt in saying that there will be plenty more in the future. Think twice, before buying slogan t-shirts etc. and see if there is actually anything that could be harmful within the text. Read between the lines and don't just presume because it is sold by a well known company or is a fun play on words, its okay! ITS NOT!

Thanks for reading x

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