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So What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? | Year 11 Advice

So What Do You Want To Do With Your Life? | Year 11 Advice

The summer is coming to an end and the new school year slowly approaches ( unless you started in like July, which I don't understand or you live in Scotland, where you probably started a few weeks back by now) I know that a lot of my readers are probably going in to their last year at secondary school, the dreaded YEAR 11. So I thought I would offer you guys some advice for starting the last and most important year yet of your education. ( Side note, I don't want this to be a really preachy, 'you must do this and this' style post because trust me, you will get that all year) 

Year 11, is obviously the most important year of your school education so far because you sit most of your GCSE exams. These exams do matter. Yes you are going to have to practice algebra, learn the different types of volcanoes and the different elements of the periodic table. And yes, these things probably won't help you much in life but you need to know them to show future employers that you can remember and recall information in your future job roles. 

But the results at the end of the day, are not the be all and end all of you. If you missed out on a grade, it doesn't matter as long as you worked your hardest and you know you worked your hardest. If you know that an exam didn't go very well, then just try and shrug it off. If you know and your parents/ family know that you did the best that you can, that is the most important thing. Its not the end of the world!!!

In today's modern society schools and the education system do like to perpetuate results more than the value of trying. This is total rubbish. Whether you are going for a C or an A* the most important aspect of your success will be the amount of effort, time and commitment you put in to revising for these exams. Some people are natural test takers and some well are just pretty useless at it. You should be commended for the fact that you have turned up, sat the exam and put yourself in the situation where you could fail. Think of all the people that just don't bother to turn up. 

Though there is something you can do, to give you the best chances of securing the best grades possible and that's your coursework, I don't know if I can say this or not without sounding like a complete nerd but all my coursework ( expect french) was an A/A* with some of it even being full marks. Your coursework should be the absolute best it can possibly be. You really should be trying to do everything you can to get the best grade because if you get a C in the exam but your coursework is an A*, you are more likely to get a B. If you started your coursework in year 10 and its still possible to change it, DO IT! Go over and make sure its perfect, to try and secure that grade!

The main reason why I chose to call this blog post ' So what do you want to do with your life?' is because that is a question that is thrown at you a lot during the year. In my school, we had career evenings, PSHE lessons about careers, career advisors , the list is endless. But the main thing that is important, is that you do whats right for you. You don't have to know exactly what you want to do with your life, you don't have to have a set out life plan by the time your 16. Just sit down and think what you are good at, what you enjoy and what quality's you have as a person. You also don't have to go to your sixth form or just do A levels, There is so many choices out there you should look in to before deciding.

Its not all exams and stress though, there is some fun things to look forward too! Prom being one. I didn't particularly enjoy prom massively, but I know I wouldn't being very introverted. But what I loved was getting dressed up in a pretty dress and having my hair done, like a princess. I honestly recommend you go, even if you don't enjoy that sort of thing. If you want, you could even slip out half way through if you don't want to stay for the whole thing.

Of course, there is the long summer to look forward too! Before you get to summer though, don't treat your study leave as an extended holiday. I know I am border-lying on being a bit preachy but seriously go to the lessons and revise because it will help you. But also don't forget to have some time out for yourself. Whether that be a whole day, an evening or just a couple of hours- exams shouldn't take over your life.

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I hope some of you guys found this useful. If you are going in to year 11 and you feel stressed or need anymore advice  you can always drop me a DM on Instagram or twitter and I will do my best to help. If you know anyone that may benefit from this post, please do share it with them!

Thanks for reading x

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