Monday 17 August 2015

How To Stress Less

How To Stress Less

Stress, makes you feel like you are running around at 100mph, like you are an Indian elephant carrying the world and its problems on your shoulders or feeling like you are about to collapse.  Stress can be a long term or short term thing,  Anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of years. It can be quite severe or quite helpful. You can be stressed about anything from your books not looking right on your shelf to being hundreds of pounds in debt from all the pay day loans you have taken out and can't pay back. Why am I telling you this? well, I want to share with you my story with stress, if you will call it that and how I like to cope when I'm feeling stressed.

Unlike many people in my year, I didn't find myself getting particularly stressed at my GCSE exams, I started revising from September for tests, I then revised for the mocks over December and revised for the real things from February half-term, So I guess you could say I was prepared. I did find myself getting stressed at my GCSE photography coursework just because that did take up a lot of my time. But the thing I am stressed about the most is my GCSE results and starting college. At this moment in time I have no idea what I am doing in September, as I want to change my course. This is very daunting for someone like me who always likes to be in control.

So here is how I help myself de-stress.   

How To Stress Less Harry Potter books


I think one of the main reasons I was not that stressed for my GCSE's was because I was prepared. I had wrote my notes out so many times, I had made so many mind-maps, I did every past paper so many times I almost knew what the questions were of by heart. I kept myself busy! My motto throughout my revision was if I keep my self busy by revising I know I will be putting my time to good use, so I can't be stressed. Don't sit there and think about all the stuff you need to get done, just do it!


I am using exams as my main example here, because I am familiar with it but obviously sometimes you can be stressed about things that are out of your control and can't just go away. If this is the case, I encourage you to find something you enjoy ( hence the Harry Potter books above) I love to read and watch Harry Potter as a distraction from the real world. Keeping your mind busy is the most important thing when you are stressed. I used work and revision as an escape from being stressed about the exams. Similarly though reading and adult coloring books work in the same way.

How To Stress Less Nivea Chocolate relax


Something that I was, to be Frank pretty rubbish at when revising for my GCSE's. I do remember though going out for the day and taking loads of pictures of flowers before my exams were finished. My mum made sure that we had days out, so I could take some time away from the text books. This is really nice so it can clear your head and it definitely did work for me. You don't have to go gallivanting in to the woods though, just simply chilling back with a movie and having some pamper time should be sufficient. 

I think the idea that I am trying to get across is the idea of taking your mind off stress, to be less stressed. This is why teachers urge you to have good nights sleep, so that you don't spend hours thinking about your exams and revision. I can't sit here and tell you to go and buy adult coloring books because they just won't work for everyone.

I hope this could help some of you!

Thanks for reading x

Let me know how you cope with stress in the comments! 

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