Saturday 22 August 2015

How To be An Organised Blogger

How To be An Organised Blogger

I love me some organisation! Who doesn't?! It always baffled me when a kid turned up to school without a pencil case or their bag! Like seriously, organisation man! Blogging gives me the perfect excuse to be able to whip out the highlighters and coloured pencils, to make my life even more organised than it already is. So if you are a blogger and struggling with organising your blogging world, then help is at hand. 


LISTS LISTS LISTS!!! Lists will be your absolute life saver if you suck at remembering things. You can make lists for blog post ideas, things to photograph, general to do lists. * Pardon the pun* But the LIST really does go on. Now this is where I can start to feel sides dividing. Are you someone who keeps track of things via their phone, laptop etc. or someone that uses notebooks and paper. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, don't get me wrong. By looking at the photo below you would presume I organise my blogging life on my phone, And yes I did when this photo was taken, but that is the beauty or hindrance of bulk photographing. 

My phone needed a factory reset a couple of weeks ago so I lost everything. When I did use my phone however I used the memo section ( The only and most useful app that ever comes with any phone) to jot down my blog ideas in lists depending on their category. I could then remove it when I had done that post.

How To be An Organised Blogger

However after losing everything I then brought a weekly planner and notebook, where I have lists of all my different topics of future blog posts, which leads me on to my next point.


No one wants to look at a dull diary or list. Its not inspiring and definitely not motivating. You were probably told to use colour when revising and its the same for organising your planners and lists. Use a key to signify the different parts of your diary for example, red could mean exam or test, green- task complete, pink- personal etc. And while you are at it buy little sticky notes for your pages in your planner so you can separate it up for different areas. I am basically telling you to go to Wilko and buy all the stationary they have!! :) 

I like to plan my posts out a month in advance, so that's, wait let me to the maths! I upload 3 times a week, for 4 weeks in a month...12 posts! I also write them in pencil in case I change the schedule. I also use symbols like dots and lines to indicate different things as well! 

How To be An Organised Blogger


The biggest and best way to draw more attention to your blog is to use social media. You can't be on twitter all the time, I know. So to make sure you draw in traffic at all times a day, even when your asleep, which lets face is, is most of the day! You can schedule your tweets. I use buffer, which is free and simple to use. Just connect your twitter or Facebook account. Type what you want and include your link and just buffer that for a suitable time and hey presto, Organised social media.

How To be An Organised Blogger


No one likes going through and trying to find an important email in amongst Tesco club-card, Boots rewards and books clubs you singed up to when you were seven, emails. So make sure you unsubscribe from all the rubbish and you could even create a separate email for your blog so all 'bloggy' related things don't get lost. 

Thats it! Again I have only managed to come up with four points! I am almost starting my own little series, of advice posts with only 4 points. The first one being my 'How to be a morning person' which you can check out HERE, if you missed it! 

If there is any other advice posts, similar to this you want me to do you can comment below or send me a cheeky DM 

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this useful. If you have any tips on how you stay an organised blogger then do leave them in the comments! 

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