Friday 7 August 2015

The Makeup I should Use More Often

I, like many bloggers get dragged in to Superdrugs and Boots special offers and discounts, meaning we buy things for the sake of buying things. These items get pushed to the back of the makeup stash , and used very little. Here are five perfectly good examples of things I have brought and use very little. 

#1 Ted Baker Lip-gloss
I brought this, when it was on sale at Christmas time, last year. I don't really know what was going through my mind when I brought it, to be honest. Its bright red! I like red lips around winter and autumn but a red lip-gloss is a lot harder to pull off. It wasn't that expensive, as I got it half price, but still- I'm determined to wear this more, in the upcoming seasons. 

#2 MUA lipstick in Bare
For the price, this isn't that bad a lipstick, it smells pleasant and is quite a nice colour. However my main problem with this lipstick is the packaging. It doesn't go down all the way in to the tube properly, so the top as become really blunt and flat, meaning its near impossible to apply. I think I am going to have to depot it, if I want to get much wear out of it.

#3 Sleek in Baby doll
This is a classic example, of picking something up because there is an offer on. I picked it up in a 3 for 2, I ended up with a very blue toned pink, which does not suit my pale skin at all! If I am going to be completely honest, I am probably going to have to give this to my mum to use.   

#4 Natural shadow and blush glow palette from Barry M
This one is slightly cheating, I use the eye shadows in this palette frequently however the blush, not so much. Its a really pretty light pink shade and I must get around to wearing it more often, I don't have any excuses not too!

#5 Maybelline colour tattoo, in the shade pink gold 
Lastly, it is the Maybelline colour tattoo. I really like the formula of this product, but I just wished I had picked up a more wearable shade. They do last all day, but I really need to step out of my neutral eye shadow comfort zone and use this more often, before summer is up.  

Thanks for reading x

Let me know some of your makeup items, you need to use more of- is it any of these? 


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