Thursday 13 August 2015

First Impression Face

First Impression Face

When I saw that Tesco, were having a massive clearance sale on makeup, of course I rushed on over to the website and picked up as many bargains as I could. ( #NOADD) Admittedly, they didn't have the biggest choice of  products ever and they did seem to be selling a lot of foundations in either the palest or darkest shades ( I can't think why?) however I did pick up quite a few bits, so I thought instead of just showing them in a haul,I would try them out for the first time and tell you guys what I thought! I idiotically, I forgot to take pictures of what they looked like on (DUH!) 

Rimmel London BB cream

I started off by applying by Nivea moisturizer, to keep my makeup in place all day, well try to anyway!  Of course the trusty collection concealer was used to hide those under eye circles! Now the first product, I brought was the Rimmel BB cream in very light ( That was the only shade they had on sale, see what I mean?) It cost a whole £3.50, so I couldn't really say no. Being new to the whole BB cream thing, I didn't really know what to expect. Luckily the shade match was perfect ( what can I say, I'm a vampire) It was quite thick to apply and I kind of felt like it made my skin quite oily. It does have SPF 25, which is really good for the summer I think. Looking at the coverage it was quite good, it definitely doesn't coverage blemishes but it does cover redness and evens out skin tone. I then powdered with my Rimmel stay matte.

For blush, I used the Barry M one in terracotta, This cost me £2.30. What caught my eye about this was its such a lovely natural colour. I often stay away from blush because I don't want to get mistaken for a clown! This blends really nicely and gives a lovely hint of natural colour to your cheeks. 

Maybelline falsies flared mascara

On to eyes, for eye-shadow I used the Barry M, eye-shadow pencil in brown black, this again costs me £2.30. I have always wanted to try a eyesahdow stick, because I was intrigued by the concept. I found this was quite hard to work with, I couldn't get it that close to my upper lash line, so it kind of left a gap, it also dried pretty quick. The colour of this though was amazing and it did in fact last all day probably because it was waterproof, meaning of course it was a right pain to get off.

For mascara, I brought the Maybelline falsies flared in black. At £4.00 this was the most expensive item in my basket, but probably one of the best ones I picked up. If you are looking for a mascara to add volume, this one is not for you however length wise, Omg its so good! I don't tend to look for lengthening mascaras. The packaging does so it's a volume express, but I am not really sure that's strictly true!

Lastly for lips, I picked up a models own lip stix in the shade coral kiss for £2.50! I am so impressed with this. If like me you suck at lipstick but don't want a glossy finish like a lip-gloss, these will be your new best friend. They are really easy to apply, formula is lovely, the colour is super pretty and lasts for a good morning without re applying and I didn't find it to be drying on the lips either.

Overall I am really impressed with the products I picked up. My favorites definitely being the mascara and lip stix. Thanks for reading x

Do you own any of these products, what do you think of them?   


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