Sunday 6 September 2015

9 Things To Do This Sunday

9 Things To do This Sunday

Sunday, It seems to me that most people hate Sunday because of the depressing and gloomy fact that Monday is right around the corner, ready to greet us with another hard working week at school or work. Though I think that Sunday can be a great day for relaxing and enjoying yourself ( well the best you can) before that Monday rolls around again. So here are 9 ( yes 9, not ten) things to do this Sunday to make it a good one!


" Erugh I don't want to go to a car-boot because you have to get up early and I have to do that tomorrow, I don't want to do it today as well"  Yes, okay most car-boots tend to be in the morning but have a google and a scout around online to see if there is any afternoon ones near by. If you are not from the U.K and don't understand what a car-boot is, no its not where people sell parts of cars, its where people clear out their junk and sell it on a table top normally in a field for bargain hunters like myself to buy. Its really fun especially when you snap up a good deal! 


Not enough people do this in today's culture, ( unless you count Christmas ) Clean away the dust and get them out! Monopoly is an all time favourite of mine.


I made a blog post ages ago, called ' the end of the week pamper' but seriously I always like to use my favourite shower gels and scrubs on a Sunday to try and make myself at least a little bit more relaxed. Its also the perfect time to have a bath, if you know you  have a stress filled week on the horizon.


Although I love to read everyday of the week, Sundays are a great day to sit back with your cute Primark pj's on and a warm beverage in hand to cuddle up and get lost in a great book

9 Things To do This Sunday


I would love to say that I only ever eat 'treats' at the weekend, er that's not true, because I am #relatable and I eat them all week long, though I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate so its more just crisps. 


Sunday is the day that I whip out my weekly planer and I start to see what I have planned for next week and what I need to get done! It's also the perfect excuse to mess around with brightly coloured pens like you are seven.  


I used to do this all the time from my local library. I always remember it feeling so cool to have this DVD that I didn't actually own. Nowadays we will just watch something that we have pre-recorded or catch-up on Netflix, but its not the same!  


I find cleaning and re-organising things so therapeutic. It gives me so much pleasure to change around my DVDs or sort out my shoes AGAIN!  But even if its not your thing, its still great to get in the habit of doing it.


This is a chore in its self. I hate this more than cleaning but having two email addresses that I need to make sure the inboxes are clean, so I don't miss any important emails is challenging so I tend to do this once a week on a Sunday. Also once a month, I like to go through and unsubscribe from the all rubbish I signed up to when I was like 8 years old.

Thanks for reading! I hope this gave you some inspiration on what to do this Sunday.

 let me know what you do on a Sunday, in the comments below x

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