Friday 25 September 2015

How To Chose The Right Camera For You

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I believe that bloggers have a huge amount of pressure put on them to own a DSLR camera! Nah Nah Nah! You don't need a DSLR to take good blog photos! I feel like I say this in just about every post going but it's true and I wouldn't bang on about it, if it wasn't! " Oh look who's talking, she's got a DSLR, why would she care?" I care because I have had all the other cameras before I got my current DSLR and I want to prove that there are other alternatives out there! So today I am going to be sharing that with you! Enjoy

Are you new to photography? Want something light and easy to travel with? On a budget?

If yes, I recommend a compact point and shoot camera.
Do not underestimate the power of a compact camera! Yes, they may be small but boy can these take some good, detailed shots! They are cheaper than most other cameras but don't let that put you off!

I recommend you check out:
Canon Ixus 275 20Mp compact digital camera- with 20 megapixels and a optical zoom of 12, this is going to help you capture those perfect shots in high resolution. Optical zoom will simply allow you to get closer to the subject without losing quality. For under £150, it's perfect if you are a travel blogger but don't want to risk damaging or losing a couple of thousands of pounds worth of kit. It also has full 1080p HD video quality, to capture any stunning video you want right as it happens.

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Not new to photography, wanting to upgrade your camera to something better?  Don't want to fork out on a DSLR? 

Then I recommend bridge cameras. The middle man between compacts and DSLR's depending on the megapixels and optical zoom they can be nearly as good at DSLR's but considerably cheaper. Bulky and heavier than compacts, they may not be as good for travelling but they still are a lot more hassle free than DSLR's. 

I recommend you check out:
Sony DSCHX300 20MP bridge camera.  With 20.4 megapixels and 50x optical zoom, this is sure to give you the crystal clear shots you want. With DSLR-like creative controls, this will give you the freedom of experimenting like you have your own DSLR. All for £250

Wanting some high-quality images for your blog or job? Want to start taking photography seriously? Got a little bit more money to spend?

Then I, of course, will recommend DSLR's. You do not need a DSLR to take good photos and you certainly do not have to get one because every other blogger has one! They are expensive and can get quite complicated, but if you are ready to make that commitment...

I recommend the Cannon Eos 100D. This Is the actual camera that I use to take my photos for my own blog. It's the perfect entry level DSLR. For the body alone it will cost around £360. Obviously you will need lenses on It, but that's a completely different ball game that I will leave for another day. It has fewer megapixels than the bridge camera, having only 18 but by having a better sensor,  a bigger ISO range ( 12800-6400), it will allow you to take extremely good quality photos. It also boasts to be the lightest DSLR in the world, this, of course, depends on what lens you put at the end.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you are now able to find a suitable camera without worrying you need a £1000 camera and your bank balance won't stretch that far!

what camera do you have? Do you have any camera recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!  

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