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The Gadgets Of My Childhood

The Gadgets Of My Childhood tamagotchi 2DS DS phones LG Nokia

Last week, I discussed my camera history, which if you missed it you can check out HERE. You should know by now that I love my techy stuff and this is also quite apparent through my childhood years. I have loved cameras and all sorts of other gadgets as a child, though it's so strange to think that when I was born and through the early years of my life there was no such thing as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I am going to sound so sad, but I kind of can't imagine the world without these things as they are now such massive parts of our life's. So today I thought I would give you are run down of some of the gadgets I used as I child if you had any of these then YAY for Throwbacks and naff technology!


My first mobile phone is actually not in these photos because I think we sold it?! I couldn't imagine who to or we lost it? Anyway it was an NOKIA phone ( surprise, surprise) and it wasn't even brought for me, it was my mums old one she had as a teenager. I was probably given this phone when I was around 7/8 years old. Yeah, screw any three-year-olds with iPhones these days. What has society come to these days? I remember the best feature of this phone was the moving screensavers for birthdays and Christmas that, of course, were all in black and white.

The next step up from that, which I probably got when I was around nine ( I didn't have my Nokia for very long- I can't think why?) was the Samsung flip up phone. Now I had two versions of this phone. The silver one, in the photo and a bright a pink one! ( Because yeah whatever, let's have two versions of the same awful phone) I can definitely remember selling the pink one so I was only left with the silver one. As a child, I used to swap these around. Sometimes I would have the pink one and sometimes I would use the silver one, don't ask me why! I was a weird child okay?

Now we are getting into exciting stuff... phones with the internet. My next phone, which I got in year 7 or year 8 and had until last year because everyone refused to buy me a new phone even though this one was useless, was my LG bright purple phone, I even think this phone had a weird name, like 'Viewty snap gm360' or something awful very similar. It was touch screen and had a 5-megapixel camera which makes me laugh because I thought that was going to be so good but I now know so much more about cameras nowadays. It had the internet and if I remember correctly it  also had some pretty cool games on it!


I love music, I always have and always will. Today You will catch me with vinyl and Spotify but as a child, I was rocking the portable CD, player. This CD player came inside my barbie car. Yes, you heard me correctly, it came with a car, for dolls. It would sit in the boot and you would attach it and it would sound like it was music coming from the car radio! Pretty cool, if you ask me! I used to take this with me on journeys when my parents listened to their cassettes ( YES cassettes!)

Portable CD players aren't really that portable. Once someone realised that, small Walkman/ MP3  players  became a lot more popular. I got this one for my 7-8th birthday. It still does work but is completely battered and smashed, though. I then moved on to my Samsung MP3 player which looks like a phone, does everything like a phone apart from make phone calls, I got this when I was in year 9 after I bought a iPod nano and it completely broke on me, no more than two months later, I was really disappointed as I was really excited to have my first apple product. One of the main reasons today that I don't own anything by apple.

The Gadgets Of My Childhood tamagotchi Nokia LG MP3 Player


The one game system that everyone will remember if they were a child from the mid-2000's is a Tamagotchi. The small little screen with your own little virtual pet, you got to name, feed and play with. I had this when I was around 7/8 to 9/10. It was honestly so much fun. I used to get my mum to look after it for me when I Went to school. I am ashamed to admit that some of my pets did die because I neglected them! Can you believe that they still sell these today in Argos?

The DS! I loved my DS growing up as a child. I have had my pink DS, which was the first ever model since 2008, My favourite games were Mario kart and art academy. I remember using the chat, to talk to my friends at sleepovers, because I was that cool!  In 2013, I got the new 2DS. I got this because I wanted to play some of the 3DS games but I can't watch 3D. Essentially I didn't play with it much because I started year 10 and there are a lot more important things to be doing than playing animal crossing.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading what gadgets I had during my childhood!

Thanks for reading x

What gadgets did you have as a child? Was it any of these? Tell me in the comments below!

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