Sunday 27 September 2015

How To Get Genuine Blog Comments

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One part of blogging that makes the whole process very enjoyable is receiving comments on your latest post. It makes you feel all warm and fussy inside, like on Christmas evening sat by the fire, in a cosy Primark Christmas jumper and a tin of quality streets by your side. I am going off on a bit of a tandem but you get the picture. However, one thing that no blogger likes to receive is fake comments. You know the kind: ' Love your blog, will you come and check out mine? Follow for follow? Comment for comment? ' when you know damn right that they have just copied that across 30 blogs. So to avoid this, I am going to give you some advice to get the warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling comments, not the nasty scrooge ones! 

#1 That the end of the day, it's down to your content

I always believe that a blog post should be one of three things: Informative, entertaining or thought provoking.  If it's not one of these things, it in turn will probably get fewer views and comments. People need to feel inspired by a post for whatever reason to comment. The reader is taking a few minutes extra to comment, they aren't going to do it for the fun of it! Unfortunately, spam comments will slip through the net and this doesn't prevent them but you are more likely to get genuine comments if they are ' moved' by a post! * And no It doesn't have to be about your pet fish dying when you were seven. It's a different type of moved! *

#2 Ask Ask Ask Questions

And lots of them, throughout the post or at the end. I tend to ask my readers specific questions through my post, for example if they want to see a post on a topic, I just mentioned. I always ask some more general questions at the end. This way, it's the last thing they read, so its in their mind. This also works really well for ' skim readers' who may miss a question in the post. By actually interacting with your audience it shows you have an interest in them and are not just some crazy robot, that belongs in an SC-Fi film.

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#3 Ignore spam comments

If I see a comment that I know someone has not read my post and the comment is pretty much pointless, I simply comment ' Thank you' I chose not to get angry or sassy, because that just isn't the way. Some would delete it or ignore it, which is totally fine but I just can't deal with my comments being on an even number, it drives me up the wall! Anyone else feel my pain? When you are a child, you are told not to rise to bullies and it's the same concept here.

#4 Build a good relationship with the community 

To feel part of the blogging community,  you must talk and interact with like minded people. Find others with similar interests and comment on their blogs * Genuine comments, of course, * This way they are more likely to come over to your blog, maybe leave a comment. As more friendships build you will want to comment on each other's posts. This way you will have a good bank of genuine comments!  Of course, blogging friendships are about a lot more than just commenting on each others blogs, but you guys know that!

Thanks for reading! I hope you could pick up some useful advice here!

How do you get genuine comments on your blog? How do you deal with spam ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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