Tuesday 1 September 2015

21 Thoughts We All Have On The First Day Back At School

If you are stressed, annoyed or just really sad that you have to go back to school today or later on this week than I have made this fun list of all the things we think on our first day back to school after a long summer break, I hope you enjoy the list and it helps make going back to school this week a lot more bearable. 

21 Thoughts We All Have On The First Day Back At School

#1 " Okay its 10 o'clock, wheres my food? What do you mean its not lunchtime yet. I had unlimited access to the fridge all summer, I'm hungry!"

#2 * I must not have PE today, I must not have PE today. Receives new time table* " OH BLOODY HELL!" " I knew I should of brought of my PE kit.

#3 " Its totally against my Human rights to be woken up at this hour!"

#4 * Gets on school bus & sees overly enthusiastic year 7's singing and laughing* " SHUT UP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, its school not a holiday camp"

#5 * Sees people you purposely tried to avoid all summer. Makes a bee line for the completely wrong direction away from where you were suppose to be going*  

#6 " If anyone even thinks of touching my new Tippex pen or smelly rubbers, I will personally attach a bomb to the inside of my pencil case- that will show them"

#7 " Stop screaming in your friends face, its only been 6 weeks"

#8 " Why can't my school just be like Hogwarts. Why can't my first lesson be potions instead of Geography?"

#9 * Sees everyone else looking really bronzed. "Yep there's me still looking like a vampire"

#10 * Lines up for class and stands on tip toes like a meerkat, praying that someone you like is in your class*

#11 " I literally feel like an Indian elephant carrying around this bag. Why the hell is it so heavy?"

#12 * Stands anxiously waiting to find out the new seating plan. Edges closer and closer next to best friend, hoping and praying you get to sit next to each other!"

#13 * Gets 10 minutes in to lesson* " Yeah there is a really good reason why I avoided these morons all summer"

#14 " Wow is that really the date? Sorry I don't normally write the date in the corner of every page in the summer, how would I know what the bloody date is?"

#15 " I am going to make sure all my books are kept really neat this year." * Makes a mistake and starts ferociously crossing it out* " Lets forget I ever said that"

#16 " Pair up everyone!" * Sits very still with head looking down at desk, hoping someone comes over to you*

#17 " When will I ever need this in real life?!"

#18 " Yep this is how I am going to die, DEATH  BY BUNSEN BURNER IN A SCIENCE LAB"

#19 " How can they even call this food? I wouldn't even feed this to my dog! Just as well they have vending machines, where I can buy as many 6 pack of Oreo's as I like"

#21  * Sees teacher you hate* * Head down and starts charging to the nearest exit like you are in the 100m final of the Olympic games* 

#21 " Is it summer yet?" 

Thanks for reading!
 I hope you enjoyed it, I really enjoyed writing it!

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