Friday 11 September 2015

Underrated Youtubers

After a long hard day at college, in the evening nothing feels better than coming home, sitting back and watching some of my favourite YouTubers. I am a big fan of some of the more well known and popular YouTubers such Velvetgh0st, Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter to name a few however nothing beats discovering a smaller YouTuber, that produces just as good or sometimes even better content. Here are seven underrated YouTubers, that I really recommend you all checkout!

Underrated Youtubers  YouTube Bloggers

Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte is an Irish Youtuber and produces mainly lifestyle based content. I discovered her channel through her acne story video which was really inspirational to me as I was suffering from a bad spell of my acne at the time. As well as being able to listen to Charlotte all day because of her Irish accent ( I love a good Irish accent), she's really funny and fun to watch. One of my favourite videos of hers being ' The right to love | Vote yes' where she discussed the very important issue of the contrast between the human rights of heterosexual woman and homosexual men within marriage equality. This video is beautifully produced and shows that not only can she produce fun and light-hearted content but can produce content on more serious and important topics as well.   

Davey Granger

This guy is hilarious. He kind of reminds me of a young Jim Chapman, which is a very good thing. His new series on his YouTube channel called ' Gin and bear it' is just a stroke of genius.This series entails him drinking Gin and discussing a topic. For example, he recently talked about iPhones and the pretty pathetic battery life they have, which everyone should go and watch because it's so relatable. He produces mainly lifestyle content where he talks about anything from book reviews to advice etc. I can definitely see his channel becoming very well known in the future!  He is also a fellow blogger guys! So go check that out as well HERE      

Fabulous Hannah

Hannah is one of the funniest Youtubers I watch. she produces mainly beauty and lifestyle content but in every video her bubbly and fun personality shines through. She uploads every Thursday at 5:00 pm ( I know this because I am always really excited when she uploads a new video, Thursdays are just great) My favourite videos of hers are her chatty videos such as her Primark hauls, Q&A's and her room tour! She also recently cut her hair off and donated it to the little princess trust which makes wigs for little girls that don't have any hair due to cancer treatment etc. This is such a brave and commendable thing to do.

it's just kate

Kate is one of the sweetest and most delightful people I watch on YouTube. I wish she was my friend in real life because she seems so soft and gentle ( which sounds really weird, I'm sorry) She produces mainly beauty content such as hauls, makeup tutorials and favourite videos. She is a massive fan of Disney like myself. She is also unbelievably pretty and I definitely think she deserves more subscribers for the hard work and effort she puts into her videos.  

Jesse is an American Youtuber that produces very different content to anyone else on this list, or in fact anyone else I know. I first discovered her channel through her ' Top 20 albums video' I think, as we have very similar music tastes and she also collects vinyl like myself which ticks all the boxes for me. Jesse is very intelligent and articulate, she makes short videos where she discusses a small topic such as ' should you tell people how to vote?', ' The value of trying and ' moral ambiguity in fictional media' to name a few. I almost feel more intelligent just listening to her which is quite a power to have. If you want something completely different to watch, I would definitely give her videos ago. She also has the ' I want to believe' poster in the background of her videos from the X-files, which gets all the thumbs up from me

Lauren S ( Britton Loves) 

Lauren from Britton loves is one of my favourite bloggers of all time. ( You can read her blog HERE) She has recently started up a YouTube channel in conjunction which her blog which is equally as fantastic. She produces lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content every Tuesday at 9 am. The reason I enjoy her videos so much is because she produces such deep and meaningful content. She discusses all sorts of topics, some of my favourites being, ' who are you online?' , ' talking about stress' and ' how I became vegan' She leads a very healthy and positive lifestyle. which is really inspirational as she shares lots of vegan recipes and healthy living tips. She also has a lot of photography tips and tricks on her blog which has helped me massively when I first started blogging!

Robyn Taylor

The last and no means least is Robyn. Another fellow blogger which you can check out her blog  HERE. Robyn produces mainly fashion based content. She uploads some extraordinary outfit posts on her blog, which I am extremely jealous of because I wish I could take outfit photos like she does. She has only just started up her YouTube channel, but she has some great videos already up including a 'what's in my bag? , ' Hauls' and sunglasses collection. She has an impeccable fashion taste and basically rocks everything she wears! If you are on the hunt for a new fashion blog/ YouTube to follow I would definitely check Robyn out!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some inspiration of who to watch next on YouTube.

Do let me know any underrated YouTubers you enjoy, in the comments below x

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