Tuesday 15 September 2015

Room Tour

Oh God, a room tour! That really popular video on YouTube that everyone loves because it gives you the perfect excuse to be nosy and have a snoop around other people's bedrooms. Which if you ask me, is quite frankly a bit weird. But hey I'm going to do one today in photo format. Enjoy being nosy! 
( P.S You will soon realise that my room is definitely not one of those Pinterest perfect rooms, far from it) 

DVD's Disney movies films room bedroom

On my shelf's I have a big array of things including my pretty big DVD collection. Can you tell like kids cartoons and animations, more than I probably should?
fairy lights primark

On all of my shelf's, I have my fairy lights. These are from Primark. ( They are rarely turned on, more just for decoration) 

books wreck this journal TFIOS

And is the very few books that I own, that make me look intellectual.

CD's jake bugg The who The xx

Some of my many CD's, with a photo frame, balanced precariously on top

prom Claire's hair slide

This is hair slide that I wore in my hair for my year 11 prom, from good old Claire's

birdcage Asda perfume next

Behind the hair slide, I have a bird cage, one of many. This was from Asda and next to it, is a bottle of perfume that I have has since 2008. No, I won't throw it out because the bottle is too cute but don't worry, I don't use it!

birdcage clock the range

My birdcage clock ( Yes, I did say there were a lot of birdcages) was from the Range 

cute vintage decor primark bird

At the end of my bed, I have this cute little bird thing from Primark

vintage heart primark shabby chic

At the top of my bed, I have this heart thing also from Primark.

flowers vintage shabby chic vintage sass and belle

Along the top of my bed are these flowers from Sass and Belle. 

primark vintage shabby chic pillows

I have no clue where my bed sheets and duvet set are from but the two white cushions are from Primark and the pink heart was from Homebase ( around 6 years ago when I did this room to how it stands today)

vwcampervan merch the range sign

My VW campervan sign that sits above my bed is from the Range! 

birdcage shabby chic vintage clock

In so many of my Instagram photos, I get asked where my Birdcage is from, it's from Amazon and the clock is from Homebase. 

vinyls music indie alternative

 I love and collect vinyl, here are some of my favourites including peace, Arctic monkeys and pink Floyd 

DIY cassette wall retro

If you have been following my blog for a while then you will remember when I made a blog post called ' DIY cassette wall' yeah I never did finish it.

prom dress newlook

My prom dress sits on the back of my door because I have no well else to put it!

clothes primark topshop newlook closet

I'm not fancy enough to have matching hangers :(

vinyl record player

This is my record player. I am not Tumblr enough to have a Crosby. Wow, my camera really does show up how dusty it is.

tumblr DIY vintage cool photos black and white

Along the top of my room, I made a photo line of black and white photos. And yes that is a tarantula.

 I hope you enjoyed reading. I was very sceptical about doing this post as it's not really my thing and also I really dislike my room though I think I have made it look mildly better than what it looks like in real life. 

Thanks for reading xx

If I didn't bore you to death with this super long post, leave a comment below telling me your favourite part of your room x 

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