Tuesday 8 September 2015

My Camera History

My Camera History DSLR Canon Olympus

I recently did a deep clean of my bedroom and in the process I was organising all my junk and sorting through and I came across a box of all my old gadgets, that I used as a child. So in true blogger style I thought it would be a great idea to show you. I have a ' gadgets of my childhood post' coming up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that. But as I am a complete photography and camera nerd I thought I would make a separate post all about my cameras that I have used from when I was a child to now! I got a lot of comments on my ' How to take better blog photos' post where people wished they had a DSLR camera to take better photos, but this proves that you have to start from the very bottom and work your way up in the camera world. I hope you enjoy!

# My First Camera

My First Camera was the Vititar ViviCam 3713. This had a whole, wait for it... 3 mega pixels and 4x Zoom! I know right! It took video clips, which is quite impressive- even though they were probably only 15 seconds long.  The main thing that made me laugh about this camera was the tiny view finder. Like seriously what are you going to do with that?! It took two double A batteries and had a flash as well! I can't remember how old I was when I had this camera, probably around 6/7 years old. But now you know if I ever become a world famous professional photographer this is what started it off!     

#2 My Second Camera

This makes me laugh so much, that my second camera was a step up from my first camera. It's the Vititar ( wow I must have loved this brand) Vivicam 4100. I used this until 2012 I think because I can actually remember taking this on holiday to places like Devon and The Isle of Wight. This version still has 4x zoom but now has 4 megapixels!! Let's face it, it isn't that much of a step up from the last one. However, it does have 1.5 inch LED display but it doesn't have a viewfinder, which is probably because they realised it was useless on the last one. To turn on this camera it has a slide function which is pretty sassy and it has the option for macro or landscape settings. You can really tell we are going up in the world of photography now, can't you?

My Camera History Canon DSLR Olympus

#3 Where it starts to get interesting 

My third camera and the camera that I used all the way up to the start of this year was the Olympus VG-120. I got this for Christmas in 2013 I think and I loved it! It's very well used and rightly so. I have taken some really good shots with this camera. It has 14 mega pixels, x5 zoom, a 4.7-23.5mm lens and F numbers in the range from 2.8-6.5. It takes HD movie and had so many different settings for nighttime, fireworks, sunset etc. This camera probably cost less than £100 as well.  Point and shoot Cameras these days are really good and you shouldn't underestimate them! Plus it's red, who could not like a bright red camera?

#4 My First DSLR 

Obviously I took the photos above on my DSLR so couldn't take a picture of it! If you do want to see what it looks like I have featured it in posts before. My first DSLR is the Canon EOS 100D. I bought this at the start of July, so I haven't even had it for two months yet! It's an entry-level DSLR but is still an incredible piece of kit. It wasn't cheap but it does come with an 18-55mm kit lens and I bought a 55-250mm zoom lens with it. It has 18 mega pixels and an ISO maximum of 12800, Its so wonderful to hold because it's so light. If you are looking into getting your first DSLR, I would totally recommend this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to see you guys doing this post, so let me know if you do. I love looking at cameras because I think they are so cool and I am a big tech, nerd ! 

What was your first camera you bought and what camera do you use now?

Let me know in the comments!

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