Thursday 7 January 2016

25 Problems That All Bloggers Will Face

25 Problems That All Bloggers Will Face bloggers UK Lifestyle lists
"Blogging is super easy!" "It's not a proper job" "what can be so difficult about blogging?"
I'm going to have to stop you right there sunshine! Let me introduce you to 25 problems that all bloggers face, that do make our jobs, work and life's hard! Please tell me it's not just me, that experiences these problems!

#1 Feeling like you are taking part in open heart surgery when anyone even mentions the words HTML. Please don't do that do me!

#2 Having to do deal with PR emails who send you emails about diet pills, snack bars or just general crap.

#3 Having to position awkwardly behind your camera, thrusting your hand in front of it as far away from the lens as possible to focus it before you jump in and start posing like you are in vogue magazine. 

#4 Constantly revolving your life around the weather. " Hey Nicole, want to go out on Wednesday?" * Checks weather app* " Sorry, weather is great on Wednesday- going to be using that as a prime photo taking opportunity" 

#5 Never quite being further enough away from the lens to get that perfect flatlay.

#6 Buying things purely because of their aesthetic value, making them great props for blog photos.

#7 Setting up your camera on a tripod then realising there is no memory card in or your battery is flat. They are both as annoying as each other, let me tell you!

#8 Taking 500 photographs for the last one to be the best and only one that will do.

#9 Creating an absolute state of the room you are taking blog photos in!

#10 Publishing a blog post and then realising you have a great big blinding spelling error in it!

#11 Being overwhelmingly envious over everyone else's flatlays, Instagram feeds and well lives!

#12 Having to deal with the bain of the earth- The blogger app!

#13 Having 90367 blog posts to read in your bloglovin feed, so instead watching some epic Chanel 4 documentary instead. 

#14 " THAT WILL BE A GREAT IDEA FOR THE BLOG" Having 5467 drafts on your blog that are actually going to go nowhere

#15 Going into shops trying to hunt down anything rose gold or marble and getting the weirdest looks

#16 Keeping empty skincare bottles and makeup products, for empties posts wondering if you are a hoarder right now.

#17 Balancing in the most precarious positions in order to get the best shot for the blog.

#18 Being a crazy woman on ASOS because you are in desperate need of new blog material and then cried " ITS FOR THE BLOG!" 

#19 Going out of your way to buy products just because your favourite bloggers have them and then wondering/ half sobbing why they don't look the same in your blog photos!

#20 Dying inside whenever anyone brings up an old blog post! Like, no, no don't do that to me!

#21 Trekking somewhere for the perfect blog photos and then low and behold it rains!

#22 Never quite mastering the art of posing instead looking very uncomfortable or in pain- going to go with the pain option!

#23 Having to deal with a stagnating blog- worse that a failing one if you ask me!

#24 Packing the blog photo set up away because the light's gone and then the sun comes back out! GROAN!

#25 Dealing with the struggles of winter and blogging- praying you get sunny weekends for photo opportunities!

Oh, that pain of blogging, I am not really selling it am I!

It's really good, honest! Do you experience any of these? Or any other problems? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading guys, as always x 

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