Saturday 9 January 2016

How Not To Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

" Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 10" As cheesy as it sounds, it is true and very apparent in the blogging world. It is so hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers when we are constantly bombarded with all these successful and young stars who have made it big in the blogosphere. The blogging world is competitive, yes, but it doesn't me your can't make your mark in it either! Today I thought I would share with you some simple and useful, little tips that I use to help me keep on track and not worry about comparing myself to other bloggers. Enjoy!


It is very easy to focus on the future, your goals and aspirations. It's so easy to forget actually how far you have come. Think about all the terrible mistakes you made at the start, the poor quality of your photos and just how bad you were at utilising those social media platforms. Go back and have a read of your first blog post! Pretty terrible right?! You don't have to start off by reviewing Mac lipsticks to be successful. It's okay!


Now yes, there are bloggers out there that went viral due to one blog post but it is highly unlikely that that will happen to the majority of us. It's all about time, commitment and dedication. Producing content that not only is useful and informative but something that you are passionate about, will bring in the punters, as they say! Success takes time as well as knowledge about the field. Knowing how to successfully promote your blog and knowing about things such as SEO etc. Will all add up to help you achieve.


Every blogger is different! We all have our own writing style, photos and ideas. Just because you might label yourself a lifestyle blogger, it doesn't mean that your content is going to be the same as any other lifestyle blogger out there! Meaning that, there is no way you can compare yourself. Wanting to improve your photos is one thing but thinking your content is awful because of other bloggers, is not worth it! Your content is not as bad as you think ( unless, it genuinely is then well okay but for 99% of you reading this, it won't be)


Although you may envy other bloggers photos, ideas or content, most people envy their numbers, stats and analytics. I know I am very guilty of doing this! It can be so frustrating when someone can gain 100k followers a year but you haven't gained any in the last month. But that's okay! I have learnt that it is so much more important to have a good relationship with your readers then to treat them all as numbers! Uploading content that you are proud of is the utmost important thing in blogging!!

And that's it! I hope you have enjoyed these tips! They are only small, little things that you can use to remind yourself that you are doing okay and there is virtually not point in comparing yourself to other bloggers!!!

Do you do any of these things?!
If not what do you use to stop you comparing your blog to someone else's?! Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, as always x 
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